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How's Montezuma?

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Ok, Montezuma Bowl has been open for two and a half days, and there are still no reports of what it is like. I know that many were hitting the Basin hard -- reports from folk on chairs yesterday indicated a heavy amount of parking in the mandatory tow zone of US 6. So, we need trip reports, preferably with pictures! Anyone got some?

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Got there on Saturday 1/12. Zuma opened up at 9am, but was just ho-hum. Until about noon time when they dropped the rope on the cornice area skier's right. I seemed to time it just right and was one of the first to hike up to the high traverse leading to Groswold. Dropping in all alone and sinking down almost up to my waist was spiritual. It took pretty much to rest of the day and the drive home on 70 to wipe the smile off my face. Got about two runs in over there before it was skied out. Ended the day on the Pail Face where there wasn't much traffic.

Yeah, sorry, no time to take pictures.
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Hmm. I was there too, and I didn't see you

But that may be because of the face-deep powder in the chute I dove into when they dropped the rope. First tracks in history? What else is there to say? By the way, those "black diamond" runs down the liftline were at least double-black in those conditions (watch out for rocks!).
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Not much of an improvement, but at least it spreads the crowds

So today I drove up to ski Montezuma Bowl at A Basin...overall, I was unimpressed. The bowl is south facing so (no surprise) the snow back there completely sucked (think firm refrozen). Despite the heavy snowfall we've had since December, there are jagged rocks jutting out everywhere (steeps, trees, even flat areas). Worse yet, all of the gapers of course head for the steeps and have created moguls (since they haven't mastered carving on steep terrain) everywhere. Even in the flatter areas in the trees moguls.

They do have some nice drops (boulders, outcroppings, etc.) on the on steep section to skiers right of the cornice, but I've never skied on such a boneyard before. If we get a foot of pow to cover those sharp jagged rocks, it could get pretty dangerous for those who aren't aware. Another great "feature" is that the steeps run out into a boulder field. If A Basin got the snow of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the bowl would be decent but since it does not Montezuma isn't much to brag about.
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Any other report on the 'Zuma Bowl. Should be a lot of snow now. I'd appreciate more info.

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Betsy and I have enjoyed Zuma the times we have skied. As normal, the facing of the bowl requires a warm up for some if skiing outside the groomed centerline after the previous day melt and freeze cycle…or…if you time it well, jump right into anything right after a good snowfall.

You do need some caution as you will find the occasional rock further down Zuma ridge if dropping down into Jump, End-Zone or Elephant’s Trunk. We have not fallen below the Montezuma Revenge line yet entering the hike back area as we have not felt energetic enough. I did find myself close to crossing over the Lightning Traverse line [East Side] as I was not paying attention to my location in the trees; stopping in time for only a short crawl back to Zuma lift. Other than that, watch carefully following some of the steeps below the chair as there are many fallen limbs and trunks exposed after the clearing effort for the new lift.

The following are some random pics taken on the 21st and 23rd:

East Wall

West Wall

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Skied A-Basin February 26 with my wife and daughter, after several days of decent snowfall. My daughter is doing the ski instructor thing at Breck this year and had a day off to be with mom & dad, so off we drove. As a Pennsylvania guy, I was impressed with the new expansion of Montezuma Bowl. The short hike up to the Zuma Cornice was easy. We ventured out to Schauffler and Jump for our decent, where the snow was soft and deep enough to cover most (but not all) rocky outcropings. Steep off the top. It's tempting to spend the entire day when the snow is good doing the EX runs. Great views, too. The wife most enjoyed the other side, Columbine, and the traverse on Mountain Goat, where the terrain was less vertical but still fun and forgiving.

Good job with the expansion!!!

I'm back home in PA and missing it.
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