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Dynafit Vertical FT's ???

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Does anyone have any feedback on the Dynafit Vertical FT? I am thinking of mounting a pair on a set of Coomba's. I currently have been skiing on a Duke mounted to some Gotama's and some freeride's mounted to a pair of 2006 mantra's both have served me well. This would be a much lighter set up for some bigger days. I am 6'-2 and weigh 225lbs. I have never skied on the dynafit system but like the thought of being lower on the ski as apposed to the higher stance of a freeride and the huge weight savings. Will this be too light of a set up?
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The Vertical FT is a DIN 3-10 binding. If you are within that range, they should work for you, though keep in mind they are geared more for touring and off-piste than the much heavier Duke. Do you already have Dynafit-compatable boots that will work with them?
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The idea was to sell my current Adrenalin's & get a pair of the Axon's. My big concern is if I will blow out of the bindings and get hurt. I will only use this set up for B/C but still want to be able to ski aggressively, and be able to have some longer and faster days. If you think there is not enough beef to the dynafit for this purpose with my size then maybe I should stick with a freeride.
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The binding will be fine, the Axon has been designed for those climbing a 5/600m couloir at around 60° with a pair of the said binding attatched to a Dynastar Pro XXL. Then sking down the same Couloir. The Kit works well together, better than logic would suggest. I kitted out a guy with some Scott Pure with the same binding yesterday, he's using Scarpa F1 to drive it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Wazza View Post
Does anyone have any feedback on the Dynafit Vertical FT?
The Vertical ST will save some big $$, and given that the toe-heel connector on the FT is completely floppy, the performance difference must be negligible.
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I'm re-posting this thread to inquire if anyone else has experience with the FT. How "floppy" is the toe-heel connector mentioned above? I'm planning to buy either the FT or ST for my Karhu Jaks and Dynafit Aero Free Touring boots - the weight differential between the FT and ST is negligible for me.

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That difference between the ST & FT is now overshadowed by the max 12 release setting on the 2008-09 FT.
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Since I ski at a 6.5 DIN, the 12 DIN setting doesn't matter to me. So...any thoughts on difference in performance while I'm actually IN the binding?
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