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Vail or Copper on a Saturday

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Hi all;
I'm going to Vail on Feb 6, (Wed), thru the 13, (Wed), before the holiday week. I have 6 skidays and have a 5 day ticket for Vail/BC. I've been to CO many times, however rarely on a Saturday for skiing. The cost was significantly less to travel during the week, so I'm stuck with a Saturday, (usually arrive and leave on Sat).
I want to go to Copper on the extra day and I was wondering if that Saturday would be a good choice? Will the crowds be worse at: Copper, Vail or Beaver Creek? I'm skiing that day no matter what, just looking to minimize the lift lines!

Thanks everybody!!
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I have family who live in the area (Vail Valley), they always ski Beaver Creek on the weekends.
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It depends on what you want to ski.

I'd predict Vail will have the longest lift lines. Beaver Creek, on average, will have the shortest. Copper will have even shorter lift lines as long as you stick to very specific lifts (Resolution, Rendezvous, Sierra, Mtn Chief, Blackjack.) In other words, if you want to ski black and double black runs all day you'll find Copper to have the shortest lines.
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I would ski BC on Saturday and pick a midweek day for Copper. I drove by Copper on a Saturday once with I-70 backed up for miles. Just getting into the parking lot would have driven me crazy.
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What Vinn said.
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