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The Confessions of a Skier

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Hi my names Slider and I am a Ebayaholic. Why just yesterday I bought a scream'n deal on goggles. Ok so I've got 8 pair. A skier can never have to many goggles. I've been 86'd out of every ski shop in town. My wife has called all of them and now when they see me pull up the Open sign is flipped over. My only friends left are skiers cause the rest of them think I'm nuts and shy away from me at the start of winter. But that's not the worst of it. You've heard of Football mania,well when a Ski Porn flick comes on the TV it's all out insanity. I jump on the couch and bouch into the nearest table trying to surf it. Yelling Woo-Hoo. Last winter I made the wife pull me around the pasture with one of her horses(ski jouring). The neighbors just gawked and now they won't even wave at us. It's snowing right now but I've been grounded cause the family doesn't want anyone to see me outside in the snow. I feel your pain. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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What the hell's wrong with these people. You seem completely normal to me!
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At least you're keeping the amount spent lower than me. So far this year I've picked up a pair of 183cm Nordica Beast 75 skis, a pair of 188cm '01 Dynastar Bigs (the ones with the flames) & a pair of 160cm limited edition K2 Axis skis (supposedly for my daughter) which were the last run in their Vashon Island plant. The ski areas better open soon before I spend any more money.

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