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Thanks Kneale and KAZOOSKI

Sigirlfriend also wants to thank both Kneale and KAZOOSKI for their help and direction. Kneale is admirable in his desire and effort to help others. Likewise KAZOOSKI anxiously joined in to provide valuable suggestions and exercises to explore. Both these guys see someone interested in improving and they immediately step forward to offer assistance. They are both a great credit to the Epic Ski community.
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Really sorry to have missed all of you. Turns out 5 inches was enough to keep me from going to work fri. My wife and I host a ski week every year for an old friend and his three boys and fri. was the only day I could ski with them. They left us sat. morning after a huge breakfast, so I did'nt get skiing til 9:15 and I figgered you all would be out by then.
I was out all day but never even saw kneale til late on sunday and I did'nt know about the 11:00 meeting at the flake.
Having to play two one-nighters this weekend really screwed up my sched.

But it sounds like everybody enjoyed the weekend and thats the important thing!
maybe next time.
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We missed one photo opportunity in the early AM on Saturday, and I'm still kicking myself.
There was a guy in a black suit coat, with his face painted - ala Alan Shoenberger. He was skiing down, under the 6 pack chair, on twin tips, turning around and juggling. Really cool to watch!
I missed it. Just couldn't get my camera out fast enough.

Artskii, or Kneale, you may know of this guy. Does he do this often?

just for kicks, here's a pic of Alan Shoenberger
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That's Tommy. He entertains the kids at lunch on busy days, appears at the Mountain Grand Lodge during big checkins and performs for the mountain at large when inspired. When he's not skiing and juggling, he uses a unicycle to juggle from. He's got one that's 8-10 feet to the seat.
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Thats Tommy Tropic, he's been around for a long time. He's very talented. Ditto what Kneal said. He does routines at festivals, parties, racetracks, you name it. Good guy too.
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When I saw him walking toward the hill. I smiled and said, "you look like Alan. You need The Ski"
He probably has no clue what I was talking about.:
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I meant to start my report with, "I knew it would be a fun day when I saw Oliver Hardy skiing backwards down South McLouth while juggling." .....but I forgot.
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