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Boot Fit Question

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Boot Guru's,

After reading through the FAQ's and "Boots too tight?" thread, I think my boots fit worse than I thought - which might explain some of my "issues".

I normally wear either 8.5 US in wide shoes and 9 for regulars. My feet have always been "difficult to fit" - wide forefoot, but somewhat narrow ankle. As a lifelong soccer player, I also have pretty big calves.

My boots are Salomon Evolution 2 in size 27.0 (mondo?). They hurt my feet quite a bit when new, but I got a boot fitter in Crested Butte (can't recall his name) to work on them. After a couple visits and a couple hours of tweaking, the boots don't hurt, and I think he has me in a balanced stance. I think he did a really good job with what he had to work with. I know he did some stretching and grinding along with building foot beds.

The trouble is that the boots don't really seem to give me the edge control I'd like. They aren't very stiff, and, from what I've read, the shell are probably quite a bit too big. I did NOT buy the boots from a boot fitter - I got them from a local (Okc) ski shop.

I'm wondering if I should be looking for new boots... If so, I'm very interested in brand/model recommendations. I ski mostly on groomers, but like powder, crud, and occasionally moguls. I like to ski "faster than average" and love big, high speed turns.

I'm not 100% I measured everything correctly, but here's what I got.
Width - measured at widest part of forefoot: 101.5mm
Ankle Width - measured at back of ankle: 63.5mm (not sure where to measure, so this could be bogus)
Calf Circumference: 39 cm
Ankle Circumference - narrow part of leg above ankle: 22.5 cm

Any help is appreciated!

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First, Welcome to Epicski! I hope that you will find value in this site and make many new friends who share the same passion!

You are correct is realizing there is a better boot for you in your future. First, I would look for a boot a bit stiffer and with a closer to the shell fit while accomandating your wider fore foot. There are many boot models out there which will accomandate your foot shape. I would suggest trying some boots in a 26.5 like the Salomon Impact, Nordica Speed Machine or Beast, Dalbello Proton, Etc.

Your footbed can be transfered to the new boot. Though you may pay a bit more up front from a boot specialist the benefits of a guaranteed fit from a good boot fitter will save you money in the long run and maximize your skiing enjoyment!

good luck!
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Thanks! There is no chance of me buying boots anywhere BUT from a boot fitter!

Aside from similar size, how do the recommended boots (Salomon Impact, Nordica Speedmachine, Dalbello Proton) differ? I've read that some have problems with the amount of forward lean (I don't recall the technical term) of the Protons - apparently they have a lot?

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I have not noticed excessive forward lean with Protons. I have noticed that issue with the Tecnica Diablos though.
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I agree with Bud but will say that it is possible given your sometimes size 8.5 that you could wear a 25 boot. Best way to tell is simply get measured Mondo point.

Also will caution against worrying about boot forward lean angles and other angles out of the box as you may not always have the luxury of finding a good fitter that has the boot that is perfect for you out of the box.

Rather let them make it perfect.

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Thanks Lou!

There is a lot of good info and experience on this forum. If I keep reading long enough I'll end up convinced that I need some "Plug" boots to make my life complete!

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