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Kirkwood/traffic/crowd report

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Well I tried to ski with the Bears at KW today. I left in plenty of time. First the road I took over to hwy 88 was not plowed for about 5 miles and I did manage to follow 2 tracks over the summit in 4wd. Added a bit of time to the drive. Next I got within 2 miles of KW when the traffic stopped. It took over an hour to go the final 2 miles.

Well I finally arrived at 11 am, much too late to find any Bears. There were a lot of skiers fo KW. Here is chair 4 and 3 on the back side.

The snow conditions were packed powder but more on the packed side of things. I took my chiefs hoping at least for some crud but everywhere I went was HARD. I did get off into the tress cause it looked good from afar but the powder had frozen and was petty crusty. I wished that I had the snoops but they were in the truck and I was so late that it took about 1/2 hr to get to the car. Hope the other Bears had a good day.
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We found better snow at as the day went on. Managed have some fun turns on One Man chute, Chamoix and The Wall. Sentinal had some big soft bumps on it at the end of day.

I'm skiing kirkwood tomorrow. PM me if you are going to be up.
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I really missed out today huh?

Friday was crowded at Sugar Bowl, Kirkwood looks like a a real zoo. Early reports were that light snow was falling in the morning, but since I was late getting started, I decided not to go. Mark's pictures confirm my worst suspicions.
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