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Help replace my straight skis

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Dear All:

I grew up at Lake Tahoe and skied until I was 22. My last pair of skis were 210cm Head straight skis. After living in the snow-free south for the last 15 years, I moved to the northeast and have taken up skiing again. I'm looking to buy a pair of these crazy looking new skis and need advice. My local Sports Authority has Salomon X-Wing Storms for a pretty good price. Are these any good? I like to ski in all terrain and, even though its been 15 years, I still consider myself advanced/expert.

Many thanks for your insight and for a letting me enjoy this great forum,

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Welcome to Epic!

You need to start renting and demoing. It is a whole new world now, with skis of different ilks, mostly all good, but way different from each other. You don't need to spend a fortune, but you probably want a few pairs. You need to ski the major categories...carvers, all mt., powder, race. Get started and have fun!
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The X-Wing Storm is a lower end ski and it is not well suited to your stated ability and terrain preferences.

I get a fair number of former skiers and folks that have just not upgraded their gear in decades. When they look at the 50 or so models of unisex skis, that all look different, it can be overwhelming. In order to find someplace to even start the discussion, I break the "all mountain" spread down into these three general categories that are based upon waist width. This first "cut" gets the possible selections down to a manageble number.

Narrow: For folks with a primary focus on groomers, speed, hard snow. They may spend a little time in moguls and may ski powder if it is a shallow dusting over the groomers, but these skiers generally will venture off trail less than 10% of the time.

Medium: These skiers still ski the groomers a lot but are willing to sacrifice a little edge to edge quickness in favor of a little more stability in rough snow and a little more lift in say boot top powder. These folks will venture off trail possibly 30% of the time.

Wide: Skis in this category will be wider yet and of course will give up a little more quickness. These models will also normally be a little softer and possibly a little straighter in shape. While they won't grip as well or usually be as damp as the models in the narrower categories, they will offer more advantages in softer and somewhat deeper snow conditions.

Outside of the "all mountain" category, there are myriads of skis that are even wider yet. These offer more and more advantages in deeper snow with the commensurate tradeoffs in quickness, grip etc.

I usually advise a skier in your situation to evaluate the conditions and type of terrain they expect to be in the most and start their selection process by considering skis that will excell in those conditions. Then, they might modify their choice a little bit if they have a condition that they prioritize more. This might lead to a selection that is either wider or narrower, stiffer or softer than the first cut.

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