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Return my Dalbello Aspire 90s?

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I am an advanced woman skier, 5'4", ~135lb, with a number of foot/ankle/knee problems. Among other things, I have ankle dorsiflexion approaching 45deg on both sides (not to mention overflexibility in every other direction). I also overpronate and my street shoe orthotics are tilted about 8-10deg to compensate. I've skied for several years on Tecnica EntryX 9s in 23.5 but the liners are packed out and the boots were never particularly comfortable - somewhat worse since the foot/ankle problems have intensified. My skis are Apache Crossfires in 160cm - a bit long, but have been very comfortable for me to ski. I generally ski blue/black, not a lot of bumps or off-piste because of the knee issues. Just to add to the fun, my left foot is 1/2 to 1 full size larger than my right.

Today, we stopped by a local shop for other items and I tried on a few pair and ended up getting a good deal on a pair of Dalbello Aspire 90 in 24. The width in the forefoot seems good but I am concerned about the fit in length. My left toes touch the front of the boot just barely, right hardly at all. The heels and the rest of the boot fit snugly but not tightly except around the right ankle. The shells seem to be about 2-2.5 skinny fingers. Other brands of boots I tried in 23.5 were uncomfortably tight.

I will be skiing at Stratton in a few weeks and already have an appointment at GMOL for bootfitting. Do these Dalbellos sound appropriate or should I return and try again/wait until I get to GMOL? I am concerned that I may not be able to find appropriate boots in my size if I wait too far into the season and I really can't put another season on my Tecnicas.

Thanks for any thoughts you can offer.
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Ladi... Check the mm length (located usually on the side of the heel) of your new boots as opposed to the previous Tecnica you have. I want to make sure that the shell sizing is not too big for you. One aspect I am concerned with is when the Dalbello's break in you may have too much room for your overly flexible/overly pronatory physiology. You may run the risk of creating a fit problem where the boot is only holding on to a small portion of your foot and leg shape.
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Welcome to Epic Ladi!!

I hope you will find useful info here and make many new friends!

Certainly hyper mobility sounds like an issue and needs to be accomondated when fitting the boots (ie: more forward lean, flatter ramp) which may possibly require some gas pedalling of your boots too?
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Thanks for the replies!

The Tecnicas are 274mm and the Dalbellos are 289. When I tried getting into the Tecnicas last night, they were almost uncomfortably tight.

I'm open to any suggestions that can make skiing more comfortable for me - it's one of the reasons we're going to Stratton this year.
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2-2.5 skinny fingers = ??mm ?

I think that the new boots are too big.

but that aside all the hyper mobility issues are something to look at as well. but boots that are too big will not help anyone.
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
2-2.5 skinny fingers = ??mm ?
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Originally Posted by Ladi View Post
= too big. if the toes felt too tight in the smaller size, might be that that is not the right shape for you. If the boot will not allow your heel to the back of the boot, then the toes will be too far forward too.
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Thanks for the thoughts - seems like enough of a consensus for me to return the boots and try again. Don't suppose anyone has any suggestions of what to look for?
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same boot, just down one size?

1) remove the liner and check the shell fit, 5-15mm = OK for most people

2) yes it will feel tight to start with, but keep it on for a few minutes, keep flexing it.

3) When you stand upright your toes will touch the front, when you flex forward your toes should just pull off the front a bit, and your heel should stay down.

This test is the same for any person, in any boot, not just you
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Unfortunately, that's not particularly helpful because my usual bootfitting experience is to walk into a shop, get measured, and get to try on the 3 pairs of boots in stock in 23.5 - 2 of which are intermediate boots softer than what I already have and 1 of which doesn't fit at all.

Are there any particular boots you can recommend that I try to hunt down?
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we can use some more info like foot shape (measurements in mm) and ankle flexion etc.

what works for one person will not work for another. Some customers find the brand XXX model YYY very tight in width, some find it too wide. Some find it too soft, some too stiff.

I would hunt for a good bootfitter and let them find the boot that is right for you.
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I've been to good bootfitters. They might have 4 pairs in stock in 23.5 instead of 3. I think Inner Bootworks had 5, none of which ultimately fit. This is not the first time I've been boot shopping. In fact, I've been looking for this latest pair of new boots for about 3 years now. It's extraordinarily frustrating to waste time driving hours to find that nothing in stock can even start to fit me or be appropriate to my skiing ability/style and the best that they can offer is a few beginner/intermediate boots I can "try on for fit, but won't work for your skiing." So it would be nice to have a few items to ask a shop about before I make the trips.

As I stated in my first post, my ankle dorsiflexion on both ankles is approaching 45deg measured from the ground to sole of foot with ankle flexed. I can provide additional measurements later.
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try a salomon idol 8,9 or a lange 110 W FR.

both are 100+ flex, both are med to narrow, both go down to a 22/265mm.
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The Lange recommendation seems like it might be spot on - thank you!! I've just tried on a pair of Comp 120 LF W in 23.5 and they are incredibly snug and comfortable. The shell fit is much better too. The only issue is part of the shell that seems like it is supposed to be there for arch support but is not quite properly placed for me. I assume that could be ground out or something by a bootfitter?
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The arch issue can be remedied by a recommended bootfitter. This should not be a complicated process. Possibly a custom footbed will make you more fully fit and comfortable in the boot.
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