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There are no friends on Powder Days.

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I understand this - "be ready or be left behind" - but isn't there something great about sharing those epic days with buds, if only for the "fish tales" apres-ski?
And is it understood among YOUR friends that if one loses a ski, you MIGHT help find it IF you're on that line the NEXT time you come down? ("See ya when I lap ya!")
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Agree that things shared are better, both the good and the bad.

BUT I do not often get the chance to ski powder so this year, best get up early cause I will!
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ryan, trolling for an answer 'cause of my tag line?

There are friends on powder days. 6-12" I'll ski with most people. 12-24" I prefer to ski with people who can ski deeper powder, and who do so quickly. Powder tends to track out quickly, and I want my fair share before ducking to my secrets. Anything up to 30" and I'll ski alone if I can get more vert.

I'll help a buddy find a ski in the deep stuff, I'd want them to do the same for me. But if I get to the bottom, I'll get in line and hold a spot for you until a cute girl comes along, or the line fills in. If its taking you that long to get down, you might need some help up top. Bring an extra set of poles, those tend to be the first victims on epic days. Leave the powder straps at home.

Anything over 30" and I do my best not to ski alone. I've been burried and needed help before or I would have had to make my peace (Utah Bears know the story). Having a buddy along until the snow stablizes is good insurance on deep days. Slides happen in bounds, even after patrol work. I released 2 off Supreme last season, small, but but they still slid. One carried me down a chute. And sharing storys over a cold beer with a buddy is better, as well as having somebody help keep you awake on the drive home.

If I can't keep up with you, take off, I'll meet somebody on the next chair. Just expect me to do the same.
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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
And sharing storys over a cold beer with a buddy is better, as well as having somebody help keep you awake on the drive home.
That 15-minute ride home for you must be a killer. :
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When you ski in the big mountains you always wait for your ski buddy and they always wait for you. You just don't ski alone in terrain like this...you just ski with somone who can ski...you wouldn't want to be falling all over the place in this stuff.

Big mountains or small, powder days at least deep days are full of avie risk ..whats the point in a Tranciver if there is no one there to search for it?
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It's 6:00 am Local radio station has the first snow report of the day ski patrol is calling it 18 inches of fresh on top of yesterdays 6 to 8 inches. The miracle of miracle's is that I have the day off. tom calls he has his gear ready I give John a call it sounds like I woke him up. Not a good sign. He says he will be ready The plan is to meet at the base and take a short hike to the ski team lift. That 10 min hike should get us first tracks off Willy's run or Erica's Gold. Tom and me arrive on time John is late. He knows the rules he knows that on a day like this nobody waits for anybody. We start booting up the green run to the team lift there is already 2 to 3 of new on top of the just groomed stuff. The lifty looks sleepy and is suprised to see us walk up. He's hungover and mad at himself for drinking so much the night before. It's 10 mins to opening but the bull wheel is turning. So he lets us on. As the chair moves up the hill Tom turns and sees John hiking up to the lift. I turn to tom and ask"should we wait for him at top" Tom replyed "He knows the rules there are no friends on Powder Days." About 3/4s of the way down I poped out of a ski. As I cleaned out snow from the binding John passed me by. Yelling as he drove past "No Friends on Powder days."
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thats what "mates" are for .... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] :
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I liked your story Utah, because its so true, and thats how it should be. I think its funny when I ask people I haven't skied with if I can join them because usually they look at me doubtfully (I am 5'1" 109 pound 18 year old girl) So all I say is "Hey, if I don't keep up, don't worry about it. You can keep going. you won't be waiting." And ya know, I always have kept up...

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Don't have a problem with waiting for ski pals on powder days. No one falls.
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ski bum chic,
One of the best skiers that I get to ski with is my sister she is about your size and has kids older then you. She also loves her cute ski outfits. So some of the so called rippers think she is just some Queen of the Greens or Blue run only babe. She has more then once shown up some guy who was attempting to impress her with how he was some macho big mountain skier. Her style of skiing is smooth, clean and effective. She has been ask to teach bump clinics for women but she has no interest in teaching. Oh yeah she wouldn't wait for me on a powder day. Even here in Utah with our light Powder,Powder is thicker then blood!
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