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Ski Advice Head iM 78 or ???

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Hello -

I am an intermediate skier (level 7 - at least that is what the ski school told me last year at JH). I am 73", 195, 40yrs old and very athletic. I ski out West 2-3 times per year, with close to 20 days per year. This is my 5th season skiing.

I am currently skiing on Volkl 724 (04/05 model) and I am looking for a more forgiving ski that will help me advance a bit easier than the Volkls.

I am looking to demo some new skis and I am strongly considering the iM 78 or the Dynastar Mythic Rider. What else should I try?

Thanks in advance.
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Which 724 are you on? The EXP or Pro?

The EXP was relatively forgiving, unlike the Pro.

I take it you are looking for an all-mountain ski ? If you ski mostly out west you would probably want something wider, the Mythic Rider wouldn't be a bad choice but a bit wide if you ski mostly on groomed terrain.

If you want something relatively forgiving in this category you might try the Fischer Watea 79 or 84. I haven't been on this years IM79 but was on the 2005 IM77 and I wouldn't categorize it as particularly forgiving. From what I recall the tail was pretty stiff. I hear the IM79 is different though.
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Mojoman -

I am on the 724 Exp - which is clearly more forgiving than the Pro but does not do well w/the fact that I seem to like the back seat and tend not to drive the skis as hard as I should. I also find that they are relatively heavy.

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Well, have you tried a clinic or more lessons? This will help more than new skis. If you are not comfortable using the whole ski and spend a lot of time in the backseat then changing skis is not the answer to helping you advance.

Why not try something narrower? A suggestion would be the Fischer RX6. You will find these much easier to initiate turns and they will be much ligther than the EXP. The more you get confident with proper edging, the less you will find you need to stay in the back seat and muscle the tails around to turn. This ski would be a good option to consider. Many will suggest the RX8, but IMO the RX6 would be a better learning tool for you as it has a bit wider waist and is signifigantly lighter. It will also tolerate more mistakes as you work on edging skills.

I would get something like the RX6 and take a few lessons. The RX6 would make learning easier IMO.
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Thanks - I will give the Fischers a shot.

Given that I am new to the sport, I have taken lessons every time I go out for several days. It has helped me get from a start 5 years ago to skiing all over the blues at JH. I have a lot more to learn and will keep taking the lessons - best money I have spent in a long time.
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head iM78?


With regard the iM78, it is a very versatile ski, and although a high performance ski, it can be skied easily by intermediates thru experts.., level 6-9..
So, don"t be afraid to try it....
I think the Fischer RX6 will not serve you for more than 1 season, then you'll be wanting better..

Just my 2 cents...

Send a message to my direct email, and I can give you a lot more feedback on it....
It's a SUPER ski..
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