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There's now enough snow to ski all Scottish areas, with the Lecht, Glenshee and Cairngorm looking the best bets.

Not exactly tons of the white stuff, but a huge improvement on recent weeks and enough to justify an outing.

Check out

for latest.
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Neat site! I didn't realize there was that much skiing to be had in Scotland.

What could be better? Turns and single malt scotch straight from the source. The best of both worlds.

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And don't forget about those guys in kilts.
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Looking good, scotski,
I'd nearly be temtped to come over (except I don't have the time.

Keep me informed if you get much more snow!

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It gets even better, Euro Bears!
Snow falls on the Alps as I write, including on my mid-March destination, the Berner Oberland!

Check out those webcams!

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Yup. Thingz are definitely looking up! Wish I was there and not where I am!

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