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2009 Head line up. - Page 2

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You think mine is a tease, at least I posted a few pics!

If I tell you I might have to kill you.
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There aint no link..per se, you need a password and account name.
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How do you insert pics?
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Here's a vid of some of Heads new skis. http://www.levelninesports.com/videos.php?video_id=13

I want the Monster 102's :
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Is Mojo 90 still in the line up for 2009? How is Mojo 105 flex compering to Mojo 90?
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iXRC line remains, 1100, 600, 300.

Xenon 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0

iM76, iM78, iM82, iM88
Monster 102SW, Chip Monster SW (78)

J.O.Pro, Mojo94SW, MojoONE, MojoMIX, SuperMojo105
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Found some pics

Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post

Don't know how accurate these pics are, they are from Germany.

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from "thang" to "one"

Women's skis are now called "one". Weak. Someone 'caved' to a right wing political think tank or maybe NOW. Cool One v Cool Thang.
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The Mojo Spawn replaced the Mojo 80, more or less, and the Mojo One is evidently a reskinned Mojo Spawn. The Mojo Mix has the same physical dimensions as the Mojo 80. Is the Mojo Mix the same as the Mojo 80 or did they do something with the construction to make it different?
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