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Where to buy OE Salomon Liners

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My wife took up skiing last season and since she was new to it we bought some 'cheap' Salomon boots (she has very fussy feet and these were the only ones which were comfortable from the off).

At the end of the season she started suffering with bruised inside ankles. We took the boots to our local fitter (at the time in Mineapolis) who fitted her for custom footbeds to stop her from pronating and to bring her ankles away from the inner wall of the boot. They also punched the boot at the ankle to give her more space.

Although the situation has improved it seems that before we addressed the pronating issue the padding on her liners has compressed to the point where there is 'none' left at the ankle so she still suffers. We no longer live in MN so can't go to the fitter for help. We are now desperate to get this sorted and since the liners were initially so comfortable are trying to source some of the original liners (cheaper than custom liners the boots only cost $150) with the hope that with the insoles fitted the liner won't compress at the ankles as before. We can't find them anywhere. We can't even contact Salomon direct. Does anyone know where you can buy Salomon OE liners? HELP?
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You may find someone that has replaced a liner with an after market liner and is willing to sell the OE liner cheap. This will be your easiest solution.

Most manufacturers won't sell you a set of liners, I wouldn't waste my time trying to get a set of liners from Salomon, they won't do it. They will sell you new boots, with liners in them, that's about the only way to get them from Salomon.
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Gav... You would end up spending more money than the boot is worth to get new OEM liners. (A new OEM liner still wouldn't guarantee that the ankle issue would be solved)) If you want to go the "new" liner route, get an "Intuition" liner that is custom molded. She won't have to go through the initial break in period, and the ankle can be molded to give more volume at the ankle bone. Her comfort and your peace of mind are at stake. Do the right thing, get her the "Intuition" liner. Remember, a happy spouse makes a happy Gav!
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if you packed out the original liner, then you will also just pack ou thte new liner as well. something else might be wrong too.

any salomon dealer can order a liner only in for you. $100-200 (and not worth it), I would be surprised if anyone has any in stock.

get intuition liners, warmer, lighter, more custom fit, etc.
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