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I bought a pair of these online:

Nordica The Beast 6 TT (Twin Tip)

I'm not sure of the year of their manufacture 2001 to 2003?.

But what I wanted to buy/was hoping I was buying was this ski:

The 2003 Nordica The Beast 74 TT (Twin Tip)

It is a bit confusing. I didn't realize that Nordica has had different versions of The Beast out in the same year. (Seems counterintuitive, usually "The" is reserved for "The" one and only.) But they've had 8 TT, 10 TT, 12 TT 74 TT, etc. out in the same year. Anyway, I was sort of assuming they were very similar but just with graphic differences. There isn't much literature available on the web about them, and one Nordica guy I talked to on the phone couldn't help. I probably make another stab at that, though.

Anyway, these skis, the 6 TTs, flex pretty soft and snappy, especially compared to my old Rossi 4M mogul skis, so I'm thinking I might good. I want a soft, snappy ski, something akin to what I *think* the K2 Axis X is like.

I actually skied 74 TT and it was forgiving, yet snappy and stable, good in crud and bumps.

The specs on the 6 TT, the one I now own is r15 168cm 110-68-95.

Any thoughts, insights, history would be appreciated.

I wondering between sending back the 6TT and trying to buy a used pair of K2 Axis X online or just keeping them. I bought them for just $199, so...
There don't seem to be too many versions of the 74 TT around.
Any insights on this "The Beast" line of skis would be appreciated.