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When to check I-?

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Levels I, II, III on the binding release questionnaire are fairly familiar, even III+ has a niche.

When would you advise someone to check the I- box? Assume the person IS a beginner and hasn't the knowledge to decide for themselves.

Overweight and unathletic to compound nonexistent ski skills?
Existing medical concerns (and, if so, where is the ski/don't ski line?)
Doctor's recommendation (and how many are even likely to offer an opinion)?
Specialised gear (release bindings on miniskis say)?
As a placebo to stave off release fears in the skier?

What do you think?
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If they are a beginner and don't have the knowledge to decide, it's easy. Check Level I.
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A very passive skier. I interpret the I II III not as ability, but aggressiveness.

I. Passive (needs release over retention)
II. Moderate
III. Aggressive (needs retention over release)
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I think I see a vague outline of what you're aiming at, but a more specific example would be great.

Passive muscularly? This wasn't really intended as a follow up to BigE's thread.

Passive in intent? As in ...? I am just having trouble understanding why this even exists.
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