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Funny Skis For Sale Personal Ads

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I came across this on Craigslist last month and saved a copy to show my wife before it got flagged. Anybody seen anything funnier than this?

raleigh craigslist
> sporting goods
Skis, Ski Boots, Poles TWO SETS OF EACH - $25

Reply to: grumpy person

Date: 2007-12-25, 5:37PM EST
Need to settle and estate, selling cheap, all in good shape, two sets of boots, two sets of skis and two sets
of poles. I'm settling an estate. I don't know the size of the boots, or how to tell, I don't know the size or
kind of skis they are or what they are made from, and I don't know if the skis were made to be cross
country, down hill, or made to ski over some broads fat ***. I don't really care, I'm selling this stuff so
cheap it shouldn't really matter, as far as I can tell from what I've seen on the net, the load of crap sells
retail for over 300 bucks. I don't know why because in my mind anyone who goes to a cold climate to
slide down ice for relaxation and enjoyment is crazy hell and really should be buried alive in that ice.
But hey, I need the money, so you want the damn things, come and buy them but don't bug me with
asinine questions I can't answer. It's a simple concept. You give me twenty five bucks and I give you
this stuff. After that we never see each other again. Trust me, you don't want to see me again, because as
you can tell from my rant, I'm an *******. But at least I'm a warm *******.
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best of craigslist

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Now there's a sales pitch!
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Is that really how you spell, "asinine"?
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This one made me chuckle

Do you have a brother or sister, friend or acquaintance that never gives you anything for your birthday but you feel guilty not giving them anything? If so, buy them these skis!!! They're pretty old and may not even work, but, hey, that won't be your problem when you put a ribbon on them and give them to your deadbeat sibling or friend. They were previously used by someone 5'4" and probably good for anyone 5'4" to 5'8" (reference only)

I will also take 20 bux canadian for them, hey, what the heck are you gonna do with that 20 bux canadian anyways??? might as well get something fun with it, and where else can you get a pair of skis for 20 bux canadian, except for canada maybe, eh... Also am willing to consider a trade for a leaky aluminum dingy or anything else you can cart over here, think i may want and want to haggle with me over...
From the Philly Craigslist.
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Got another one. See the comments at the end:


Item Specifics - Downhill SkisBrand: --

Bindings: Without Bindings

Length (cm): 183

Condition: New

The Kootenay Powdersticks – A dream ski designed by the owner of Boomtown Sports Inc. and long time powder pig, Dale Arsenault. The totally unique sticks are not only sweet in the powder but carve up the groomers too. They are fat with a maple wood core, same wood used in skateboards, light and strong. Their lightness will spoil you. They have twin tips for doing tricks and keep the tails from crossing in the bumps. A stiffer tip handles well at high speed and carves through crud. A softer, narrower tail stays in the bumps better and releases you from your turn sooner allowing you to get into the next turn quicker making them great in the trees. Their progressive sidecut means you can stay centered and you don't have to lean back in the powder. A forgiving ski thats easy to turn but not overly shaped so you can still go straight. You'll fall in love. Only 183s left but Valahallas are the using the same molds. The tip is 120mm, waist 94mm, and tail 104mm. Their weight and even flex make them also a great touring or telemark ski.
Retails $789
It has been brought to my attention, that these have a spelling mistake . Its written BOOBTWON instead of BOOMTOWN.
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Originally Posted by Mikepriest View Post
Is that really how you spell, "asinine"?
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I know because I've read it on performance reviews
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I have two pair of ski's in great shape they were gave to me but i dont ski, so if you need some for a great price here they are, the name of one pair is kazama mountain soft, the other is kastle and they are signed. and where your boot go's it say's salmon, dont know what they cost but i think i have a fair price, thanks

They are 75 dollars. They appear to be signed by Stein Ericksen, but might just be Kastle signature model, I'm not up on Kastles


Also, can a mod move this thread to the WTF category for us?
thanks :-)
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Real Fast Dynastar Skiis - $100 (Durham)

Reply to:

sale-x3van-1178215096@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Date: 2009-05-19, 8:32AM EDT

For sale one pair of parabolic 18ocm Dynastar Max Zero Skiis with a great pair of Marker bindings. Professionally maintained and very fast these all-terrain skiis cook down the slopes and are even great for the terrain park. I mainly used these in college racing and as a skiing instructor and had a great time with these. They're great for skiing backwards, are much faster than new twin tip skiis and a whole lot cheaper. No poles or boots though. $100

  • Location: Durham
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1178215096-0 image 1178215096-1
image 1178215096-2  

PostingID: 1178215096




Let's see.   Posted by an instructor in college and competitive racing on skis that are better for park that today's twin tips that can't spell "skis".  I live in Durham.  Let me know if you would like me to pick these up for you

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these are great

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You are bidding on a fine pair of Elan MBX skis.  These are 203 CM - Yes I said 203! and yes Junior, they really used to make them that long, and not just for the 70 Meter jump!

These vintage skis are equiped with Marker M44 bindings which are not considered as utdated as the skis.  They work just fine, I was just sick of being the only person in the lift line with skis longer than than a Toyota Prius.  These would make a fine addition to the wall of your ski house or could be made into a great bar stool!  If you felt really crazy, you could actually ski on them!

I really don't feel like shipping these and the charges would be far more than the skis are worth, but hey, if you want them shipped and are willing to pay for it, we'll work it out. 

If this listing intrested you, I have another listing for even older skis with even older bindings you could check out. 



Not really that funny until you look at the Buy It Now price.



tarting bid:US $0.99  
Your maximum bid:
US $ 
Place Bid >
 (Enter US $0.99 or more)
Buy It Now price:US $1,000,000.00 Buy It Now >

End time:Jun-14-09 19:29:03 PDT (3 days 3 hours)
Pickup only - see item description for details
Ships to:Will arrange for local pickup only (no shipping).
Item location:Frederick, Maryland, United States




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Snow Skis and poles - $40 (Raleigh)

Reply to:

sale-pmgnu-1224001890@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Date: 2009-06-16, 9:19AM EDT

These are Rossignol Viper X skis
They're well-maintained -- in great condition!
They have Salomon bindings. Measurements:
length 188cm
tip 187mm
waist 165mm
tail 177mm

  • Location: Raleigh
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 1224001890


Humm, those are the FATTEST Rossi's I've ever heard of.   Must be some extra 1s in those measurements.

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My kid isn't getting these



Item condition: Used
Time left: 18m 43s (Mar 12, 201018:09:06 PST)
Bid history: 0 bids
Starting bid: US $100,000.00
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

My kid isn't getting these.

Free shipping, though.
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Funny considering the description says he can't help the shipping is so expensive

Originally Posted by sjjohnston View Post

Free shipping, though.
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I paid $1,000 for these in 2006, and I think they were one of the best buys I had ever made.
 And I'm looking for a sucker so I can make 1,000 times more than I paid for them!
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