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An ex-girlfriend of mine had her skis hit with a snow gun spray while on the lift. When she hit the snow on the unloading ramp the skis stuck and the chair hit her so hard that the tyrolias bindings where broken away from the ski. She was alright amazingly enough.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
As long as you don't take it in your carry on luggage, you should be OK.


Maybe but they are trying to get to the point of xray screening most if not all the checked baggage at SFO now too.. Last time I traveled they had one guy unpack most of his stuff to find some batteries that showed up on the xray. round cylinders with some sort inside. I'm sure my ski tuning tools will be ok but it's the unpack and repack in the airport that may be a hassle. At least they are doing a better job of screening now.

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JoCanadian, do you mean to tell me that no one smelled a lawsuit in all that?! GEEZ! No WONDER all the lawyers are starving!

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Sorry dchan, I didn't realise you guys haven't been x-raying all bags up to now.
We're kinda used to it here!

Batteries should be hand luggage. Power adapters are OK in the hold. Anything electronic - hand luggage and make sure there are batteries in it - they may ask you to switch it on. (this can be amusing, as you get out your digital camera, palm pilot, radios, mobile phone, razor, etc)

But before anyone gets stressed out, have some sympathy for the security people. They are not trying to destroy civil liberties, they're trying to protect us from evil people.
Thank the security guys. They do an important job.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by oboe:
JoCanadian, do you mean to tell me that no one smelled a lawsuit in all that?! GEEZ! No WONDER all the lawyers are starving! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I know - when I read that my first thought was "did she bring a claim against the ski area for the repair/replacement of her skis?"
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Spoken [or written, anyway]like a true insurance defender. Skis? SKIS?! Hell, there's a lot more chicken than THAT left on that bone!
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I said "at least four times a year".

Actually, it works out to much more than that on average, but since I don't race seriously, up here the wax lasts longer (less ice than back east), and I'm incredibly lazy, I don't wax them after every day. Must be getting old...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lucky:
Gonz: I'm surprised you don't live in Butte with the rest of the Irishmen. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Heh! If I did, Lucky, you can bet I'd never survive a St Paddy's Day! Not only that, the pork chop sandwiches, pasties and cinnamon rolls would positively kill me... if the Berkeley Pit didn't kill me first.

Butte folks are some of the nicest in Montana. I'm just glad I don't live there.
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The bindings were replaced under warranty as they were the damaged part of the ski. Lawsuit's haven't become a Canadian past time as of yet. Doesn't that liability waiver on the lift ticket take care of the ski area in these cases?? The ski area couldn't be held responsible for changes in wind and temperature? After all they are making the snow for the skiers benefit. This girl wouldn't have said s**t if she had a mouth full, so it doesn't suprise me she didn't get something for her trouble ie free lift passes perhaps.
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Oboe, lucky for you you are a lawyer and dont need your head for work related issues. Just think how bad it would have been say if you had been a shoe salesman who needed his head to size and fit shoes?!!?!!
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So, Maddog, it never occurred to you that the grape juice would ferment?
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Another good place for rubber bands to hold your bindings out of the way while waxing: the ones used to hold broccoli/asparagrass stalks together at the supermarket.
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This phenomenal lack of snow in the Northdry (formerly the Northwet, AKA the Northwest) has apparently fermented my grape juice. Hey, you must have snow, so take a run for me, and let me know how I did.

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Well, at tennis, you've done just as poorly as you do at skiing - that's how you've done.

However, the ealy season has been very good. If the temps and the snow continue, the Christmas season at Vermont's ski resorts will be excellent, and heaven knows, we could use the cash here.
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So, Oboe, you are saying that things are looking up for me in tennis, a sport at which I was never any good, but down in skiing? Well, I can live with that.

Keep 'em turning.

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Both things mentioned have happened to me at Smuggs: I rode the chair up through the snow guns and I stuck to the ramp. Surprised the living heck out of me, but I missed getting hit by the chair by taking one jump downramp and sticking again. I frequently ski through the guns since I take first and last run on the weekends. the typical symptom is: all of a sudden, one ski will head for the woods, no matter what I do. Think turkey wishbone. Sometimes the only solution is to take off your skis, plant the offending one in the snow and use the other as a scraper.

I wax after every weekend as follows: light brush on the edges with a diamond stone to remove burrs and to check for sharpness. Quick brushdown with scotchbrite pad to take off ptex hairs (optional). Then I take my iron, purchased for $2 at the Salvation Army, set just hot enough to melt the wax, not hot enough to make the wax smoke, point down, apply wax block to iron and dribble wax the length of the ski. Iron the wax, it will film like magic and cover the entire bottom, do it just enough to warm the ski bottoms, being careful not to overheat any section. Let cool while I do the 2nd ski, scrape with a plastic ski scraper (I scored a bunch of them for $2 each at the Burton Factory Sale, otherwise, maybe $6 at the Alpine Shop), After the scraping doesn't produce any more wax shavings, use a nylon ski brush to finish up, it cleans out the structure, some would say it's an optional step. Forty minutes, tops. If I find the edges to be dull, I would do an edge job: Deburr with the diamond stone, put a mill bastard file in my jig, set for correct angles (1degree, base and edge) run the file along the edge. I bought the jig at the Burton sale, too. I used to use a thing with built-in mini files that you set for the desired angle, made by ToKo. It was OK, but I find the Burton thing more convenient, since you can buy new files at the hardware store and you can put stones in it, too. Anyways, after filing, I put a sharpening stone in the thing and repeat. Sharp, sharp, sharp. Fun, fun, fun. I asked for and got a set of ski vices for my birthday.

Actually, it is fun, which is why I went through the tedious explanation above. I encourage you to look into doing your own skis, because it is fun, it's cheap, it's fast and it really helps your ski technique. You turn smoother on well-waxed skis. With a little diligence, you can find all kinds of tuning info on the web. Tognar is a good place to start and they sell all kinds of stuff. Hell, this year I bought Swix wax in bulk from them and now have probably a lifetime supply for me and my kids. I only go to the shop for a stonegrind tune once, preseason, to start off with fresh structure.
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PH, you are PSYCHED!! Thanks for the info, you can do my skis next
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Oboe, dude,

Bring 'em over. 734-6384
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