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Hi, I am on a budget and I was thinking about buying the Rossi Bandit B1s. I am 15 years old 5,10 120 lbs and i want a good versitile all mountain ski.I Ski on the east coast and there isnt much powder so i was wondering if it might be too wide. I am open to suggestions and thank anyone who gives their insight.


PS are bandits considered to be freeride skis or all mountain and what is the difference between all mountain and freeride.
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How good are you at skiing? I'm thinking of a lot of other skis that would be better
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im pretty intermediate. I only ski around 15 times a year. I am not looking for anything to fancy I just want a ski that will be relatively forgiving and will be able to go almost all over the mountain. Not to mention the price is right.
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I'd never go Rossignol myself, what about some Fischer RX? Guess the RX6 would be okay for you - if you want something a little more demanding go RX8.. Just my 2 cents
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thanks i have been looking at the RXs and i was also thinking of k2
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but please listen to other advice as well, I'm just telling you what I'd do in your situation
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The b1 would be fine if you are not too aggressive and want a forgiving ski. It is a nice friendly forgiving ski, soft enough for bumps, works ok at slow and medium speeds on hardpack and will work better in softer snow. It won't be stable at higher speeds, and skis like RX8, Rossi 9S Oversize, Head Supershape will be able to out turn it on hardpack.
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