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Here is what you do - get a body fat measuring scale. No it's not accurate but it's accurate enough to tell you when your making progress. As your body fat level goes down your love handles will eventually shrink. They are the last to go. To bring your body fat down - low glycemic foods and high protein works best. But its VERY hard to achieve, IMHO. This approach would work if you stuck with it.

Lipo is a total rip-off BTW. here is why - your excess fat that you had before lipo now just gets redistributed somewhere else. You might have 'ripped" abs but then you will have fat breasts. If you get your chest Lipo-ed that fat might go to your face or your feet and so on. Lipo is realy only for chicks. Because when they get their stomach lipo-d and that fat ends up in their breasts they are happy. Men need to be low fat everywhere to be sexy..

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Just look at a DaVinci painting and consider yourself a God.

Also, love handles and Viagra sounds like a great ride.

I say get over it. Your body is quite content with it... it's just a problem with your popular culture-derived ego. (no offense, I fight it all the time. I'm probably writing this more for me than you.)
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Given the amount of exercise and ab work that you do, you may have added mass to the obliques. This may make “love handles” look even larger as your bodyfat increases due to a rest cycle or diet. For this reason you should avoid using weights when doing oblique exercises. You may want to try scaling back on oblique exercise to see if that helps. And, of course, diet.
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Check out www.physiquetransformation.com Excellent information and a great program.
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Originally Posted by samurai View Post
Just look at a DaVinci painting and consider yourself a God.

On second thought, try Rubens or Rembrandt. Da Vinci liked his men lean.
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