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AT binding technician in Sacto area?

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Does anybody have a suggestion on where to get my Fritschi binding DIN adjusted near Sacramento? They were mounted at REI, but they didn't even ask if I wanted them adjusted. Which made me think I shouldn't have the tension adjusted there anyway? I'm hoping I don't have to go to the Bay Area or Tahoe, but willing to do so if it is the best option. I can guess by looking at the usual DIN chart, but for the first use I'd prefer to have them looked at (and tested) by a Pro.
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Hey Saurus, the REI stores vary in the quality of their techs, but their standard procedure would be to mount and adjust the bindings according to the information you completed on the binding order. If you you completed a mounting order that specified weight, height, and skier type; and left your boots, you can be sure, they torque tested the release settings. If you're not happy with the service you got, go to the Folsom store, where I know they do this well.
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Actually, on an AT binding many shops won't adjust the DIN. Some will set the DIN to the chart specified number but as the bindings cannot be reliably tested for release values many shops will mount the bindings and do nothing else to help reduce their liability. AT bindings will not be torque tested
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Thanks you guys. I went up to Sugarbowl for the day on Monday to get used to how the equipment functions in comfort of the front country. There is a tune-up shack near the lodge, and the techs there were willing to help with the adjustment, although they did not torque test it. Said they weren't certified for Fritschi but did it anyway. My Garmonts came with a DIN sole too, so I put those on for the time-being. Perhaps if I had that sole on when I got them mounted originally, REI would have adjusted them for me? I think techs are mostly cautious with non-DIN soles that most AT/Tele boots come with. I'm headed to Sun Valley at the end of the month, and I know a shop there that will be able to torque test the bindings and heat-fit the boots (used them straight out-of-the-box yesterday).
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Originally Posted by Saurus View Post
I went up to Sugarbowl for the day on Monday to get used to how the equipment functions in comfort of the front country.
Next time you are up there, you should stop in The Backcountry in Truckee. They have a lot of experience with Fritschi and AT rigs in general. Seeing as all they do is backcountry gear.
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Thanks splitter. I've heard good things about Backcountry, and if I'm in that neck of the woods prior to my Idaho trip, I'll likely get my boots fitted there (and the bindings checked)
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The binding thing is tough as there is no certification for any of the AT bindings. None of the manufacturers will indemnify the shops that install them so many shops have decided the best way to limit their liability is to do nothing more than mount the bindings. It is dissappointing to skiers who want their bingdings tested and set for them but there is no way to ensure that the bindings release accurately like alpine bindings because there is no standard for AT soles, and since most AT skiers walk in their boots so much the boots have rubber soles for traction. Rubber flexes too much to allow for smooth release in all conditions.

But, on the upside, many shops will set your DIN for you. The bigger shops (REI) have lots of liability so they more frequently refuse to even set the DIN on the AT bindings. Good luck
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Here's a follow-up to my original post. I contacted Black Diamond and this is their response regarding Fritcshi binding mounting/adjusting. Pretty much what skierhj said.

BD says:

Thank you for checking in with us. Fritschi does not indemnify North
American dealers, so it is left up to the individual dealers and shops
to make the call as to whether they are comfortable enough in terms of
their specific liability exposure to provide this service. This is not
to suggest that some dealers are not competent and they can certainly
mount the bindings for you as they explained, no worries. They can also

choose to set the DIN settings if they so choose, but this is their
call and it sounds like some may have an in-house policy in place that
prevents them from this.

This leaves you with couple of options:

Have them mount the bindings and set the DIN settings yourself.

Find a ski tech willing to do it for you. Perhaps even after hours.

Find another shop willing to set the DIN for you. Generally anyone in
the alpine ski biz can set these for you pretty easily assuming they
are willing to do it.
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