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Indoor Skiing

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I thought this article was very interesting.

It looks like these ski domes are going to be in America sooner than I thought. It might be a decent attraction in Vegas. These are more popular outside the U.S., has anyone been to one that can comment on their quality. Being from Chicago, I would go if it was the middle of August, just to keep the rust off.
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I've actually taught a full season on one of those in Belgium.
It's 210m long and when not too crowded perfect for first steps on skis and even some perfection.

Crowd is the keyword though.
Come December you'd be lucky if you can get 6 or 7 runs in an hour with you customers...
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I think it's great and would go to one here in Dallas if available. Not as a replacement for regular ski resorts, but it'd be an awesome summer activity. However, the word is that somebody's planning an outdoor artificial slope park here. : (With that Snowflex stuff, I think?)
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Maybe in 30 years from now, they will enclose all of Killington Mountain and we'll have snow and great conditions 365 days a year!
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We've got a few in the UK (five or six I think) and they are much better than dry artificial slopes. For this reason, they can get very crowded - this is testament to how good they are (given their limitations) - by no means anywhere near as good as a real resort obviously, but still fun to ski on something that acts like snow.

The quality of upkeep can vary, and can have a fairly significant effect on the enjoyment - due to the relatively thin snow base, and they rock hard base underneath (which you can't grip at all). It is suprising the variation you can get in activities too - from 'normal' free-skiing to racing and bumps sessions, and usually there are terrain park type evenings when they put out rails and the like.

The largest one at the moment is in Dubai, and that has multiple runs and they are of a reasonable length (it even has a chairlift). They naturally get a lot of stick from the environmentalists, but they've actually shown that the ski part of the Dubai centre isn't as bad as the rest of the building's air-con...
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Originally Posted by skisimon View Post
by no means anywhere near as good as a real resort obviously, but still fun to ski on something that acts like snow.
Thanks skisimon..I totally agree with you and I would venture to say not one poster on this board would pick an indoors ski area over an outdoors ski area. Being outdoors experiencing a variety of conditions/runs is one of the factors that make skiing enjoyable.
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I would think the energy required to run one of these things would make it questionable in the current environment. But that's just me. . .
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Maybe they could fit a small nuclear plant in the back of the building. Or cover the top surface with solar panels, or but wind turbines on top of it all...
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I think it might be "cool" to spend a little time skiing indoors in the summer. But, half of the reason I go in winter is for the mountain air and scenery. There's something magic about how sounds travel and sound in the thin air and just how it feels on the face. I also greatly prefer pond skating to going to the mall to skate (in the hockey rink that is...). Skiing indoors is kind of like going fishing or playing golf indoors, what's the point unless that is the only option you ever have?
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Oops - hit the post button too quickly.

Ski Dubai if you want to ski wearing a long robe and watch people shivver in warm conditions. Dubai has a fleet of winter jackets and B2s to rent, but they don't rent gloves.

Here are the stats:
22,500m² covered with real snow all year round – (equivalent to 3 football fields)Temperature maintained at a comfortable -1º to -2º
85 meters high (approximately 25 stories) and 80 meters wide5 different runs of varying difficulty and length, longest run of 400 metersFull capacity of 1500 guestsFreestyle zoneCorporate and group bookings3,000m² Snow Park with a snow cavernQuad chairlift, tow lift and flying carpetsMountain resort theme
Rental of quality equipment and clothing included in the ticket priceQualified professional instructorsState of the art ticketing systemChanging areas with locker rental Private kids party roomsExclusive retail shop – Snow Pro St Moritz Café and Avalanche Cafe
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Environmentally, I too have wondered about the carbon footprint of ski domes, especially in hot places like Dubai (they would have plenty of sun for solar panels?). But in the scale of things, it is just a small part of what must be a massive carbon footprint for the city of Dubai. The energy required to build islands for whole towns is beyond comprehension.

I can see a place for ski domes, especially to get your ski legs back before going on a long ski vacation. No matter how much training you do, nothing gives you 'ski leg fitness' like skiing. I wouldn't rush to one myself, I love being in the mountains, which requires a 3 hour drive to get too - guess I have to add that to my carbon footprint as well.
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Xanadu is only 45 minutes from my house. When that is complete i can change the home mountain in my sig
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Bumping this because CNBC just ran a special (March 16, repeated on March 30 and maybe online somewhere) on Dubai, including a segment on Ski Dubai.

The shots of CNBC's latest money-honey Erin Burnett trying to wedge down the "huge" 60m vertical are quite amusing. She may be a great financial reporter but she's way in the backseat and sinking fast.

Now what I want to know - what's the deal for offseason instructors from the States? Looks like good huntin' for teaching never-evers there. Especially if they keep sending reporters
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I wouldn't go to Dubai under any circumstances. They have a "zero-tolerance" drug policy; any violation carries a mandatory four-year prison sentence.

What constitutes a violation?

Poppy seeds, melatonin, and prescription narcotics.

"A 43-year-old man from Middlesex was imprisoned earlier this week for four years after Dubai customs officials used highly sensitive screening equipment to detect 0.003g cannabis in the tread of his shoe."
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One has just opened not too far from me in Manchester, UK - slope is 180m.

Since it has just opened in the middle of the ski season it was packed and the management was poor but I think things are getting better. The other problem is it is full of out of control brits that cannot ski.

There is early opening on Weds (7:30) and apparently is it dead at that time so I'm thinking of going along to see what it is like with SL skies. Any other time and I think the amount of people and queues would drive me insane. If I can't at least carve SL turns there is no point.
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Originally Posted by northeasterner View Post
Xanadu is only 45 minutes from my house. When that is complete i can change the home mountain in my sig
Is Xanadu the name of the one going up next to Giants Stadium? Drove by there the other day.
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This is the main slope inside the ChillFactore in Manchester - the latest indoor slope in the UK:

There is a teaching and toboganing slope on the left which is much shorter but about as wide.

It's quite expensive - £22/$44(peak),£17/$34(off-peak) for a 1.5hr session - but at least it has something that very much feels like snow. I've also been to the Snowdome at Tamworth. This is much older and the snow deteriorates into hardpack after the first 3 hours.

One of my ski instructors worked on these during the summer months. He said there were lots of plans for new ones but, in the end, it all came down to economics. They're quite expensive things to build and run so you've got to be sure of getting many people through the door before aproaching the bank.
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That mogul run with the T-bar right next to it looks like fun. I'd pay $35 to do nonstop moguls for 1.5 hours.
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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post
Is Xanadu the name of the one going up next to Giants Stadium? Drove by there the other day.
That's it, supposed to open late this year, maybe.
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NJ's Xandu was just lampooned in the papers as one of the ugliest structures in New Jersey.

I tend to agree. The color scheme ... it's not a scheme .... it's an evil plot.

For that matter it was compared to (and does), look like the jumble of stacked "conex" overseas shipping containers stacked not too far away.

For something to be "ugly" off the NJ Turnpike ..... you have to work at it.

They did. :
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Meadowlands Xanadu

Found this pic online:
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