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A little Snowmass help (ppl with kids!)

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We are leaving today to go to Aspen with the entire family and planning to ski Snowmass on Sunday. Yay!!!

Last time I skied there, though, we only had one little person, and we were staying at Snowmass, so getting everyone and everything where they needed to go was easy-peasy. Plus, the husband had access to an office on-mountain, so we didn't need to worry about things like lockers or changing areas or bathrooms, etc.

This time, we will be staying in the town of Aspen, and will need to get up to Snowmass with:
- One little boy (4yo) who's going to ski school with all of his equipment/clothes changes/etc.
- One toddler (1yo) who's going to daycare with all of his diapers/cups/clothes changes.
- Of course, our equipment and clothes and ourselves.

Aside from the 10min parking up near the mall, I am honestly not even sure where day parking is. I am not sure I've ever noticed a lot. I've either taken the bus wherever or walked or been dropped near the 10min spots.

Any *insider* advice on the best way to get things/people (including one little man who has to be carried) from Aspen to Snowmass and stored/changed/organized with the least amount of muss and fuss?

I used to be low-maintenance and easy when it came to skiing-- not much aside from what I was wearing on my person, baggage-wise, clothes-changing in the parking lot, skis slung over the shoulder and good to go . . . but little tiny kids come with a whole lot more baggage (that, of course, they can't carry themselves) and a much greater requirement for accessible potties and warm rooms for changing and the like!

I am determined not to get sidelined by the extra effort, however. MUST KEEP SKIING, even if I have to pull all of their stuff on a sled behind me to get it where it needs to go!!!
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I always just did Buttermilk with the little ones, so I can't help you. But they just built this new Treehouse. So I would think that they will make it as easy as possible.

The NEW Treehouse Kids' Adventure Center – our largest capital project to date – is basecamp for all things family! As the centerpiece for kids programming at Aspen/Snowmass, The Treehouse stands as the first of its kind in the snowsports industry, boasting a host of themed rooms for kids ages eight-weeks and up, teen activities, and kids' retail. The unique design of The Treehouse shares the wonder of the mountain environment in tactile, fun and educational ways for every family to enjoy. The Treehouse is easily accessible from anywhere in Snowmass with underground parking, free shuttle buses, ski-in/ski-out access on Fanny Hill and service to the upper slopes, lodges and Snowmass Village Mall via the Sky Cab gondola. In addition, Aspen/Snowmass Ski & Snowboard Schools check-in, rental, retail and family après entertainment will be consolidated all under one roof.
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I can't help you either, but it's all the things (problems, work, hassles???) that you mentioned, plus costs, that did us in when the kids were little and it curtailed our skiing days down to nada. Thank heavens my kids are finally grown! Kudos to you out there who get through the kids' early years and continue skiing alot WITH them.

Also, I think the resorts have finally become more kid/family friendly than they were 20 years ago. There are more affordable package plans and skiing options now, and fun things like that Treehouse Adventure center Shredhead mentioned - what kid wouldn't love that? It certainly makes the parents' trip less stressful.

Have fun, Mollmeister!
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Let us know how it goes. I'm heading out there in a month. Only one 7 year old, but it can still be a lot of work. This is our first trip out west since he was born. Haven't made the trip for exactly those reasons. Its been easier to just pack up the car & drive.

Have fun.
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pretty sure there is no day skier parking at Snowmass right not. You can park in the Rodeo lot and take a shuttle, but that may not work for you. I would talk to your concierge. good luck
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So how was Snowmass? I leave in a week.
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Originally Posted by RatherPlayThanWork View Post
So how was Snowmass? I leave in a week.
hasn't snowed in two months, we're down to grass and closing the mtns tonight

Great season, the snow is unending, get ready for some pow
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