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Aosta Valley!

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Hallo! Im off to the aosta valley, pila in fact, in a week and was wondering if anybody else had been there and had any recommendations for on and off piste activities?!
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Sorry, didn't see your original post. Guess you've already pushed off. Picked a nice snowy week to go, too. Pila has trees, which should help. Nice, little self-contained resort, which a lot of people reach by lift rather than by car. Pretty busy on weekends, very French in its design. Pila packs a pretty big punch for a resort of its size. Not much going on there at night, I don't think. You could always ride the lift down to Aosta and see what's up there. A week in Pila would not be a bad thing, though, from the skiing POV.
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Courmayeur and vicinity across the Monte Bianco tunnel from Cham offers plenty of everything. Challenging skiing and a pretty authentic village with some night activities. Not cheap though.

Other resorts like Gressonay, Pila, Cervinia doable from there as day trips.
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Hey Skibum.sparky, how was the Aosta Valley?
Post a TR (and pics, lots of pics) !!!
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