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Jiminy Peak

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Was thinking about going on a day trip to Jiminy Peak tomorrow (Saturday) to get in a day of skiiing before I head to sunday river over MLK...Has anyone been there in the last couple days and are the conditions going to be worth the 1.5 hour drive after this hot weather and rain? Any help would be appreciated...

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As long as it doesnt deep freeze it will be loose and frozen granular with ice "NE packed powder".If it goes single digit slopes will be brutal and not worth time or money to ski.

Most mt's groom nite before and then it sets up over nite.Due to last nite and todays rain i doubt anyone is going to groom until tomorrow if at all..If it going to hit 40 degrees it will all loosen up and be kinda spring like....

Kinda alot of if's
I have to work at Belleayre so i will head up anyway but i dont expect it to be pretty.
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It was pretty good tue. It doesn't seem possible that it would be 'good' on Saturday. I plan to be there on Sun. It's an e-coupon day - $35.00. PM me if you are going, we can take a run or two.

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Someone I just spoke to said Catamount was closed for the day due to the weather and they barely had any snow...guessing things won't look too good at Jiminy tomorrow...
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I'll be there on Sunday morning -ish. PM me if you are headed that way.
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