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Start learning ski, anyone can suggest best books for skiing?

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A large number of books about skiing are available, even for beginners and/or newer skiers. Here's the one I very strongly recommend: NONE OF THEM. So, why?

My experience has been that I began by reading books and watching ski video. DIDN'T WORK. On several occasions, I became so frustrated, I almost quit, until . . .

The very first EpicSki Academy, January 2003, at Brighton, Utah. That was the first real coaching I ever had. So, BEFORE YOU READ ANY SKKING BOOK,


Not just one lesson or two lessons - maybe four lessons in four days, then once a week thereafter until you take a brief hiatus.

Skiing is accomplished through sensations your muscles learn. The best of instructors will do some explaining, for sure - and they'll also be traning the muscles you use in skiing.

My dear departed father and mother were music teachers as well as accomplished musicians. When a person wanted to learn to play the violin or the piano, they NEVER had just one or two lessons. They'd have a lesson one day of the week and tell the student to "take this home and practice". Then, the student would return for another lesson. Those students learned from my mother and father what they could not have learned from any book.

Please, please, please do yourself a favor - save the reading for later. TAKE LESSONS. BECOME A REGULAR VISITOR TO THIS WEBSITE. CONTACT ANY OF THE INSTRUCTORS WHO POST HERE with questions you may have, and you have some of the best, most famous instructors in the world on this website - THE BEST! It amazes me even now how willing they are to share their considerable knowledge with people on this website.

BECOME A FULL FLEDGED SUPPORTER OF THIS WEB SITE. No, I am not an owner, a moderator, or an "official" of any kind on EpicSki. I am one of the people who would not be skiing today, would not be an instructor today, would not enjoy skiing nearly as much as I do today, if were not for this website, the EpicSki Academies, and my contacts with the likes of nolo, Weems, Bob Barnes, and the other class act top professionals involved in this historic, wonderful website.

GOOD LUCK! I look forward to your participation - and WELCOME!
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Welcome to epic! oboe has some great advice. What geographic area are you in? You should be able to hook-up with an instructor with great teaching credentials where you plan to ski. There is a list of epic instructors in the "training" part of this forum. Getting off on the right foot will get you loving the sport much quicker than taking a "pot luck" lesson.


PS: there are some reading resources on the bottom of the page as you scroll down.
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Originally Posted by elone View Post
Welcome to EpicSki, elone!

There's a lot of great reading here on EpicSki, as oboe suggests. And there's access to truly great instructors, as well. The books on here and by the members of this site are really great... Bob Barnes' Encyclopedia of Skiing (available on CD here) will give you a great vocabulary and insights. Weems' book Brilliant Skiing Every Day is an excellent overview of skiing and is a guide to joy every day.

For insight into ski fitness, check out Lisa Marie Mercer's Open Your Heart with Winter Fitness.

As you ratchet up your skills, there are others, too, like Ski the Whole Mountain by Eric and Rob DesLauriers.

But, getting on snow is really the best approach...
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Don't waste your time with books. Go skiing instead.
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different people learn different ways, so when people say don't bother reading that may not apply to you (which doesn't mean a lesson isn't a good idea, but I've never had one, so it's hard for me to say). Lito Tejada-Flores's _Breakthrough on the New Skis_ is the best I have found for learning to make parallel turns, and the the Deslaurier's book is great for learning how to really ski. (I also learned a lot long ago from "How to ski the new french way", but you might as well use a book based on modern skis).
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Originally Posted by DropCliffsNotBombs View Post
Don't waste your time with books. Go skiing instead.
Exactly. Just go have fun and let it come to you.
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It's not an "either / or" question.

If you like skiing, then ski. Take lessons. Have fun.

If you like reading, then read this: The All-Mountain Skier : The Way to Expert Skiing, by R. Mark Elling (http://www.amazon.com/All-Mountain-S.../dp/007140841X) .

I like reading and skiing (but not in that order). When I was learning to ski, the "All Mountain" skier book very clearly explained what was going on and greatly increased the effectiveness of lessons.
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Harald Harb's books are also very good. How to be an Expert Skier 1 and 2 and The Essentials of Skiing.

I would tend to disagree that you should not read books. For some learning types, they are very helpful. Obviously, a lot of time on snow is also essential.
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Originally Posted by cometjo View Post
different people learn different ways. Lito Tejada-Flores's Breakthrough on the New Skis is the best I have found for learning to make parallel turns.
If you are asking for a book, then perhaps you are the type of person who CAN learn from books. I did much better from books than from lessons, because each instructor I had gave what seemed like contradictory instructions to me. Reading a book by one author gave consistent advice. So I stopped taking lessons and began building a library of how-to books.

Lito's book Breakthrough on the New Skis is wonderful for beginners, because he is full of respect for the beginner's worries and lack of understanding. He uses lots of space and words just to get you to understand the very simplest of essentials, and does it kindly. Many of the other books are written by people who have difficulty getting down to the beginner's level. I recommend it heartily.

Reading on this forum can be very informative. You have to decide who to trust, and that takes time, but it's given me lots of great information over the last three years. Some people are more willing to wade through the contradictory posts more than others; I find it illuminating to do so.

If you are a very analytical thinker, then check out Ron LeMaster's The Skier's Edge. This book appeals to the mechanical thinker. None of my skiing buddies would ever read this book, but I loved it. Different strokes....

Sitting in a bookstore reading through a few books can give you a great feel for which ones you will be able to learn from. Then get out there and have lots of fun. The more time you spend on snow, the better you'll get. Good luck!
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With respect to Harb's books, discount his attacks on the PSIA instruction, and focus on his skiing advice.
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Originally Posted by ts01 View Post
If you like reading, then read this: The All-Mountain Skier : The Way to Expert Skiing, by R. Mark Elling
I have to agree that this book is great. I like to re-read it every ski season and then read certain excerpts before hitting the hill. When I do this, I can feel my skiing truly improve.

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The Bible

With respect to my skiing I have found that asking a higher power for help is very important. Knowing the language found within the good book certainly helps me communicate with the senior instructor and follow the lesson plan correctly…

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Try this book for a great introduction to skiing. Then go get an introduction to skiing package at a local hill . Many offer an EZski 1,2,3 series that sells for around $100 and gives you three lessons,lifts and gear for one nice price.

Open your heart with skiing by Stephen Hultquist
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Free/fixed heel or whatever, this man is good, the book is golden, get it.
Paul Parker: Free-Heel Skiing: Telemark and Parallel Techniques for All Conditions (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert Series)
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