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skiing is the greatest International sport ever.

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Isn't skiing great! This year I'll be skiing on skis made in China held on to my Italian boots by German bindings while planting my Swiss-made poles before every glorious turn on American snow. There are truly no geographic boundaries to this great sport (did you know there is even a Super G hosted in Kandahar?). No matter where you go in the world (virtually) you'll find skiers that have the same love for the sport. God bless the USA and God bless skiing!
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I'd say soccer is a more far reaching sport because it can be played pretty much anywhere you have a flat bit of space and a ball. Also, anyone can play soccer, it doesn't require very much money to buy a soccer ball, unlike ski equipment.
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Yeah, and God bless those laid-off K2 workers in Colorado who would have been making those skis if K2 hadn't moved their manufacturing to China. :

Yes, I know all the arguements for Free Trade, Globalization, and all that good stuff. Let each country do what it "does best", which ultimately provides the best efficiency in production, and provides the consumers of all countries with the best-priced products.

Where that falls down is that people are not just "consumers" - they are citizens, and individuals trying to live their dreams and support their families. If willing to work they are deserving of the opportunity to make a living to the best of their abilities.

There are plenty of people who might never be programmers or history professors or engineers, or other "symbolic analysts" (information workers), but might have made damn good ski base finishers (or modem circuit board assemblers or shoe sole fabricators or CRT shadow mask mounters). Or working the metal shop to fabricate the titanium sheets in the ski. Or driving the cart that carries the raw lumber to where the wood cores are cut down and laminated together.

But those jobs are all done "best" by some other country. (Ain't slave labor and penny wages, no-benefits just great?) So these people who a few years ago could have made a good living here in the industrialized Western world (Canada, Europe, USA, etc.) now are selling burgers to each other if they are lucky enough to find a job. Some "benefit", eh?

Don't mean to put a damper on the honest "Isn't skiing great" enthusiasm, nor on the fact that we all do enjoy a wide selection of great equipment from around the world. Just want to give a moment for those who lost their job opportunities.

Off to pack up my French skis, Italian boots, and made-in-USA underwear for the Banff/Lk Louise/Fernie trip!
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Just a small correction K2's were made in Washington on Vashon Island. It was Volant who had a factory in Colorado and as we all know Volant went under and then were bought by a snowboard company From Canada. They in turn framed out the manufaturing to a German comany. In all liklyhood they are really being made in Poland by the German company, were the labor is cheaper! And my American made, soon to be Chinese made skis are cheaper to Buy in Canada?
Think Thats confusing? my Japanese Toyota truck has more Made in USA parts then my wifes American Made Ford.
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SINGS: It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all.....
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I think golf and chess would have mush more widespread popularity than skiing.
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I think golf and chess would have much more widespread popularity than skiing.
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I actually think boxing is one of the best international sports. People of all different colours, races, backgrounds, classes etc can get together ...... and beat the living cr*p out of each other


PS MarkXS - We buy your burgers you buy our ski's, who gets the best deal? But yes you are right everybody in the world should get the chance to make a living to the best of thier abilities, be it ski technician, oil baron or most influential world leader.
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Ah yes, but can you beat Ireland for home grown sports:
(Gaelic) Football: like rugby, but harder & with a round ball
Hurling: Think of ice hockey implements & violence played on a football pitch, but with little body protection.

Take a look at The GAA and click on Hurling for information.

The women's version is Camogie, which is why you should never pick a fight with an Irish woman!

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... don't let's forget the Scottish version - shinty shinty.com.

An acquired taste if ever there was one!

More seriously, I nominate running as the universal sport.

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... off at a different angle...

So K2 skis are now made in China?

That's really sad - I went to the Vashon Island factory twice in the late 90s and was always impressed by the management's strong commitment to keeping the business in WA and employing local folk.

I'm with MarkXS on this one - the onward march of globalisation is destined to leave us all the poorer in the end.

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Is drinking a sport?

On the K2 thing, Axis X Pros were made in US last year, most of the rest of the recreational skis weren't as far as I know. Next year only race stock will be US made.

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That is a shame indeed. I went in 1990, and was very impressed with the Triaxial braiding machine, and how they gave me new skis on warranty without even having my old KVC's as evidence of the catastrophic tip failure. Got some new CV Comps. Good skis those.
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