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endless winter t -shirt/ where to get one ?

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The shirt is an Endless Summer take off....

Skis over the shoulder in front of a sun disk...... "Endless Winter"

Does anyone have any idea where these can be ordered?
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Got the image? You can do an inkjet heat transfer.
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Thanks, I wish I still had talent and steady hands and I might attempt something like that.

You wouldn't want to be near any of my "art". You'd be arrested as an accomplice.
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That's why there's PhotoShop, Corel Draw, etc. Inkjet heat transfers aren't as durable as screenprinting, but some of mine have held up fairly well for dozens of washings.
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Maybe you could get some help from Kneedropper . . ?

Hey Kneedropper, where are you man?!
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This may have been a Warren Miller Film T.
His 1996 flick was called Endless Winter, but the cover of the video is simply a skier with trees.
Get an image or pic for the forground, and a takeoff of the endless summer poster wouldn't be too tough.
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The Appalachian Mountain Club sells a shirt just like you described at the store in Pinkham Notch at the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. I bought one last weekend-its white, has an AMC logo on the front and a skier packing skis silhouetted in front of the sun on the back. The amc's website is http://www.outdoors.org/
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Thanks a bunch for the lead, I'll give them a call tomorrow. I didn't see it in the web store..........

This is on my gotta have it list........ it kind'a says it all..... to get me through summer.

To all those who suggested art transfer.... I'd resort to this if I had something to work with. As it was, I only got a glimpse of the shirt................. ARGHHHHHHHH!
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Thanks for that link. They didn't show up in the product inventory lists but they transferred me to the White Mt. (base).

They have them for $17.

The stock numbers are:

M 2985
L 2986
XL 2987
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Seems like I might have missed the boat on this one. Thanks to Powdigger for thinking of me!
If you still need anything Yuki - feel free to give me a buzz - if you can't find the design per se, I can work one up, along those lines.
All shirts are printed on our WickWear Performance fabric and in full color (ideal for those sunsets!)
check out the site at any rate, it's a fun one:


>> Lots of Outdoor-based illustrations
>> BAD KARMA To Ski Thieves (Board or Bike Thieves) goods
=> Help Spread The Word!
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Thanks for getting back to me.............

Great site...... Now I'm gonna have to get Kid Racer a shirt.

I did locate those endless summer designs up at the Tuckermans Ravine store.

....... Oh... I like the Book of Kells stuff too..... so you've got two winners with me since I've had an Irish resurrection of sorts.
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