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Breckenridge and never seen snow

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Wife and I are going to breckenridge Feb.8-12 and will be staying at the Holiday Inn in Fresno. She has never seen snow and I have only worked in it so we will be taking lessons. Where do we go to get lessons and what time do they start? Also, the hotel has a rental shop but I don't know anything about gear. Should I rent from them or a shop in Breckenridge?
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It depends on what the ski shop at the hotel offers. There is a reputable ski rental shop (Christy's Sports) in Frisco. IMO, I would use them. They offer online discounts.
As far as lessons go......You can do morning or afternoon lessons or all day lessons. Lift tickets are included in the all day. Not sure about the half day. I would reccomend an all day lesson for your first time. Check www.breckenridge.snow.com for all the info about lessons and info about the mtn/ski resort in general. Breckenridge is a good mountain for beginners.
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All day lessons start at 10:00 AM. Be there around 9:45.
Go to Beaver Run or The Village on Peak 9 for the best learning terrain.

If you let me know when you will be there, I can help you get situated
and find a great instructor.

There is a Christy's in Breck. Rent from there or Breck Sports in the event you have boot or ski problems.

An all day lesson is only $15 more than a 1/2 day. Take the all day - you will get much more out of it.

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I guess Christy's is a chain store? Is Breckenridge one resort or a town? When you say resort I think of a hotel with many options, not a town. Is it I good idea to prepay lift ticket right now or wait. If I prepay and a big storm blows in, is there a refund?
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I'd double check that hotel reservation first. It's a long commute from Fresno to Breckenridge. Hopefully, you'll be staying in the state of Colorado (Frisco) instead of California.

Breckenridge is the name of a ski resort and the name of a town. Christy's has several locations and a decent rep. They are not a chain like Dicks or The Sports Authority. If you ride the free shuttle bus from your hotel to the slopes, you'll get a nice ride through the town before you get to the mountain.

If a big storm blows in, you should be paying extra! Prepaid tickets are generally resellable but not refundable. You pays your money and takes your chances. That's why they are discounted.

Although this is specific to my home resort, you might find this first timers guide to be helpful.
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The rental shop in the Holiday Inn is actually a great independent shop, and the guy who runs it is one of the best hand-tuners in Summit County. Jim Bowden has great stories, does a great job with tunes, and has been in the county for decades. I would not hesitate to rent from him.

He can likely also help you with any of your skiing needs.

The Summit Stage is available nearby, and the main Stage station in Frisco is just across the road.

Take skier31 up on her offer. She's a darn good instructor in her own right.
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