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I'm new to the site, lots of fun info here.

I am looking to put together a 2 ski quiver together, I have a couple of demo opportunities coming up in feb & early march. I am hoping you guys can help narrow my field to try.

i am:
5'7" 180
happy with speed, like bigger radius turns

past skis:
volkl g41 198
volkl snowranger 200
volkl p20 204
rossi 7xk 208
k2 extreme 200

obiously the skis go way back, the g41 has been the shortest ski I have been on since 1990. I am not familiar with the shorter length skis & looking for a powder ski & a hardpack/ crud ski. I like the feel of the g41, compared to past skis it seems quick to me. I am afraid of the shorter skis being too turny & chattery. In my past skis I have liked a solid feel.

I am ignorant & can use all the help I can get moving into the 21st century 5 years late.