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Mounting Point again!

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Ive hear so many mounting issues and just need some advise. I just bought some Hart Phoenix Boss skis 189cm 120 92 110 and a set of new neox 914,s with the 99mm brake, boot size is 355mm new solomon X wave10. I want to get the most efficient mount to utilize the free floating bindings so the ski flexes the way it was ment to with out a binding on. My local ski shop tech is willing to work with me on deciding the best mout point for these boards. Should the mouting point be so the ball of my foot is dead center of ski or 2cm back ect? Also because of the length of my boot how does that play into the equation? Would it be best to find the pivot center of the ski. If I ballanced the ski on a rail so it stays balanced would that be a good spot to use as center? Now if I stood on the ski on that rail with my boots on no bindings and could let go and stay balanced in a nutral knee flexed position and marked were that point is on the ski would that be a good mount point? I have always found that the stock mount point is to far back because of my boot length I have always thought. The heel is so far back generaly the skis cant flex in the sweet spot were there ment to more arking on the tail portion of the ski if that makes sence? Im an advanced to expert skier DEEP POW was a comp mogul skiier way back. Also some bluff dropping usualy no more than 10 or 20 fters into powder. Any advice would be apreciated. hears a pick of the new Harts cant wait to try them!!! They are a proto type ski.:
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I saw these on Skibay..this is a hot ski. I will check for you for the optimum mount point. Patiences..grasshopper.
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Thanks Phil! Ya i couldnt pass em up. I was torn between a few skis but decide to go differant. I figure going ball of foot center my heel would be to far back in the middle of the turn to flex the ski in the sweet spot. I also dont want to plow in the powder haveing my foot center? Becuase at size 31/355 center would move the ball way forward. Are the new neox 914,s supost to be mounted center? I seem to think I hear that before. Im thinking a compromize like have the pivot point between the ball of my foot and the center of my foot. Unless you find out differant. The guy who tested the ski had solomons mounted and from the pics I saw he went ball at center. I forgot to ask him what size feet he had but said the skis worked great for him. Im 6ft 220 and want good performance on hard pack also so hopeing the float of the bindings helps correct less than perfict mount if were close but not perfict.
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I have an e-mail into my connection at Hart, I will get back to you as soon as I hear.
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