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Up & Down & Sideways

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The only comment I though worth preserving from that thread comes from a very wise member:

Posted by Ryan
"uh, for those still confused by the term, EpicSki, it is NOT the same - i know it's confusing - as EpicWorldPolitics."
[ May 21, 2002, 11:13 PM: Message edited by: AC ]
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Guess I missed the thread, AC--but I guess I don't miss it very much!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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ryan's remark RULES!
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YEAH!!! Can we save this in a safe place where it won't get lost?
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That is what happens the night after the last kid moves out of the house.
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I like Bob missed the original thread. Somewhere in this great forum, members have been flaming and just being regular pains in the a**es just to have thier $0.02 worth posted in the web. Yes this forum was created by skiers for skiers, to chat about skiing and such. Curse me for saying this out loud; but there is more going on around us besides skiing. I see this site as a place where I can come STARTING with one common interest and get to know other people that share the same passion that I do, and expand from there. When Bears get together, is the only topic shared about skiing? I'd place my bet on no.
Not to long ago the free world as we know it was turned upside down. At that time I wasn't a member of this board, but I'll bet that 9/11 was the topic of many threads. At that time AC opened up an area labeled "international affairs". My guess is that as people healed and placed 9/11 behind them it was outgrown and closed.
On a daily basis conflicts, questions and triumphs arise in our mundane lives. For some, this is the only board on the net that we visit and the place that we choose to share those other areas of our lives. Be it a new job, relationship, or you finally solved your Rubix Cube, this is where we come to tell all.
Sometimes we don't all agree. Sometimes we post threads just to p*ss others off. Sometimes we actually post threads on skiing. And sometimes even politics can cross over into the skiing realm.

Just my $0.02 worth
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Artimus, I used to run marathons. I found that all most marathoners could talk abot is running. BORING!

One of the things I like about skiers, especially the ones who post on this forum, is that they generally lead more multi faceted lives.

As you have stated, skiing is not divorced from world politics. And initially, the International Affairs forum was healing.

But unfortunately, people with political agendas tend not to be too sensitive to the idea of a healing process. One young forum member lost a bunch of friends at the trade center. Prior to leaving NYC, which is my hometown, I taught corporate fitness at the trade and financial center for 6 years. The issue of teaching through tragedy" became a topic that many teachers, ski pros and others, had to give some thought to.

You know, its all a question of timing. Some of us would come to the board just for the feeling of community, only to read highly inane statements such as "This would never have happened if everyone had voted for Al Gore". :

Then, out of the blue, there suddenly was an array of particpants who had never once posted on epicski, whose first posts on the forum said, in gist, "I hope you realize how much you dumb Americans deserved this".

From there, it got a bit ugly. Since these were new particpants there was no sense of relationship, (whatever the heck that means on an internet forum}, so there were no rules of courtesy.

At that point, AC, and the rest of us decided to do away with the IA forum.

Yes, we all realize that its impossible to stay completely on track about skiing. If those were the rules, we would never have been able to read your wonderful whistle blower thread! [img]smile.gif[/img]

And when Mitt Romney runs for gov. in my great state, I know its going to be hard to keep our mouths shut.

But posting a totally political thread in the general skiing forum is just not going to cut it around here.
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I believe the original post went in 3 different topics?
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The International Affairs (IA) forum was not closed because all the necessary healing was complete. I loved the idea of the IA forum and had every intention of keeping it.

The reason it was closed was that it became an incubator for vile and hateful attacks on people with different views. It deteriorated from intelligent discourse to closed-minded attacks very quickly. And do you know how many people it took to destroy a good conversation? Often just one. It taught me that anonymity does not lend itself to serious discussion of serious issues because it shelters one form the typical repercussions of relentlessly pushing ill-conceived ideas merely for the sake of watching the flames grow because they felt that "if everyone won't agree with me then I will trash this place for everyone."

And then it started spilling into the rest of the forum, ski discussions were getting trashed because feuds between individual members in the IA forum built up so much animosity that those individuals couldn't speak about anything without their hatred coming through.

So take it from someone with a little experience moderating both Skiing forums and Political Science forums -- they don't mix. This anonymous internet format does not produce quality Political Science debate, though it can produce quality ski discussion. So I am going to use the format for its strengths.

[ May 22, 2002, 10:35 PM: Message edited by: AC ]
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It's a shame we can't discuss politics here, but then again if somebody started talking politics on a ski lift with me I would probably make a sharp exit. I suppose there's a time and a place for everything.

I am concerned that the opinions of the 'non-Americans' here isn't being heard or is being intepreted incorrectly. The international activity on this board seems to be dying.

Maybe these are the right places to discuss such issues, can anybody recommend any more?

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Originally posted by DangerousBrian:
It's a shame we can't discuss politics here, but then again if somebody started talking politics on a ski lift with me I would probably make a sharp exit.
I hope you'd look to see what was underneath you before doing so. Jeez, boxers!


I am concerned that the opinions of the 'non-Americans' here isn't being heard or is being intepreted incorrectly.
If so, then the non-Americans aren't articulating themselves very well. Some of us manage daily access to non-American opinion despite being trapped in such isolated backwaters as the U.S.
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Originally posted by DangerousBrian:

Maybe these are the right places to discuss such issues ...........

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Oz posts because he cares for the community.
AC moderates because he cares for the community.

We seem to have an abundance of caring.

Working on my articulation skills I would just like to say ......

[ May 26, 2002, 04:34 AM: Message edited by: man from oz ]
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I have to say that no politics on this site would be my choice . When I stumbled onto Epicski a few years ago it was refreshing to see a group of people that agreed on most things (other than gear loyalty), there were few conflicts. The one thing that showed was the desire , addiction , obbsesion , etc. to SKIING.
AC has done a great job with these forum's and he's right about the bad mix, keep it to skiing ,related sports and recreational subjects, after all don't we get enough politics in our lives already without trying to add more?
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May I inquire, but I thought Australia had a Prime Minister rather than a President?
Perhaps my brain is starting to rot because it's been a long time since I've gone Down Under.

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Welcome back, Fox! I was afraid I'd never get to tell you about Montana. Where the men are men, and some of the women are too! Heck, Montana is where the expression "it's a bit western" originates. Where else can you see such an array of indigenous species in captivity or under radio-collar surveillance--like grizzlies, wolves, and some of the great native American tribes?

All that aside, Montana means mountains! Situated at the top of the map, means it is cold and snowy much of the year. Being as it is mountainous, cold, and snowy, not many people choose to live here.

RESULT: Great mountains, plentiful snow, long season, cheap tickets, and no lift lines.

A two-week ski junket to include Montana might originate in SLC. Ski Snowbird, Alta, and Solitude. Head to Jackson and then Targhee. Drive to Big Sky and then Bridger Bowl. Spend a day recuperating at Boiling River in Yellowstone. Drive via the Beartooth Highway (if open) to Red Lodge (if so inclined) and on to Billings where you can hop on any of the major carriers to make connections at Denver, SLC, or Minneapolis.

We have done a few of these marathon snow country taste tours with great satisfaction.
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Are you trying to get me to make plans for a Fox's tour of middle America for two weeks next season?
I would need a lot of encouraging to do that (along with beer, somewhere to stay, and the venture capital required to embark on such an expedition)

But, you have got me thinking...

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Yes. Some day. I believe you are booking transit for a certain gathering of the ursuline chapter next year and I wouldn't care to compete with that.

(I moonlight as a propagandist for the Montana Travel & Tourism Board...)
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Nothing is ruled in, and nothing is ruled out.
I am waiting to see what offers occur. Normally I take a 2 week trip at that time of year, so any reasonable suggestions for what to do are welcome.

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We elected a Prime Minister (well many scared, easily lead fools did) but deep down inside, in the smelly acid bile, just by the Howard spleen, lies the fermenting fungus of one who would be THE PRESIDENT ... but then again it just may be sarcasm sans smileys.

If you include Summit and Eagle county in your "tour" you will have a bed, some half price ski tickets, get to ski with the black sheep of Epic (all of them), probably get a tour of Copper and the Beav from SCSA and maybe even a lift to Utah ... but you would have to ask the driver directly ... and sit in the back seat and pour ...

"Never let the bastards get you down"


Sorry I caused a runkus. Sometimes it is healthy to dig the true personality out in a community ... I cannot of course promise it will not happen again as I only have one life in this time and it is not to be wasted on agreeing to hypocrisy of our "elected" leaders.

Oz :
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Sorry Oz & DB but I come here for skiing, & not politics. However, skiing can also come with a rough edge.
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Hey, Fox, careful how you use that term "middle America" or you might end up skiing at Mt. Brighton, a little bump outside Detroit that wouldn't give you much more elevation that that thing you "ski" on in England.

A tour that begins in Utah and ends in Montana would be more than just a bit "west".
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Sorry Kneale,
My geography isn't that good - I wasn't sure of the exact location of Montana, I guess, looking at a map, I thought it was where North Dakota is, or somewhere around there, which, by the looks of things is around about the middle of America (roughly speaking, it looks like a line from Winnipeg in Canada down to Dallas is about down the middle)

So, apologies again for not knowing my states too well!

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I once had a mate called Milan. I have not heard from him in a long time. He is an excellent ski racer and good all round bloke. He came from a town called Sarejavo. A town that once hosted the winter Olympics. A town that struggles to get its International ski resorts back together after politics turned sour and destroyed the place.

There is another ski place called Kashmir. They have a pretty basic ski lift setup but the backcountry is wonderful and the locals very, very hospitable and friendly. They welcomed any skier back in the eighties. Alas now it is a no go zone.

We now have the access to ski some exceptional terrain in what was the USSR.

I recall less than 12 months ago a 75% downturn in bookings for the worlds second biggest ski market due to the politics of terrorism.

All these happenings and changes came about through the politics of nations.

It is very hard to separate life (politics) from the one thing that Epicski binds itself around.

The world is a big round ball. It has many mountains and many people with a common interest in skiing. They should all be safe.

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