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'07 Kirkwood Comp Crash Video

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I can't remember if this was posted here last year or not, but a fellow Kirkwood skier just recently created a downloadable high res vid of the crash highlights from all 3 days worth of the 2007 Kirkwood Big Mountain comp.

right click and 'save-as' (huge file....approx 180mb) --> http://www.aboutlaketahoe.com/images...es-bigmpeg.mpg

you can also stream it here:

I am the idiot at 3:25
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How you guys can watch that, and then go right back out and do it is beyond me... I don't think I am cut from that same cloth to deliberately put myself in compromising situations with the intent to score extra points or possibly be killed... I have to hand it to you guys.
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I wish I were born in the "right" country at the "right" time with the "right" biological conformation (which, of the three, it's the only that matters...)
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In the words of Will Farrel from old school..

"you're crazy man.. I like you, but you're crazy.."
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if you liked that video, you might also enjoy this one from the mammoth comp that may have ended today. this was just from the mammoth quest, held last week. the top 3 in each category made it the mammoth challenge, which they're trying to hold this week.

if you scroll down the page you'll find lots of pics too.
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