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I cant find bindings need help!

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Does anyone out there either have or know where I can find a pair of bindings to fit an older Morrow snowboard from back when the screw sets were wider apart? Apparently Morrow did this to encourage riders to buy their bindings. if anyone knows anything i would really really appreciate it! email me at
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Check Ebay. Better yet get a different board. Morrow is really bottom of the barrel when it comes to snowboard decks. That board has to be so outdated it's unbelievable.
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You could take the bindings/ board you do have into a ski shop and have some new holes drilled that match up.
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you might be better off just getting a new board
just my 2 cents
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This seems like it will be a hassle to search for bindings/drill new holes. I would just buy a new board. You may also have some luck at some sort of gear re-sale.
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Actually, Morrow boards (Spoon in particular) from that era were made in the good ol' USA (Salem OR) and made well.

And to all the "get a new board" suggesttions, I wish it was that easy just to pony up the capital whenever I had that itch.

If you are really in love with that deck (or need it as a rock board) you could get a reputable shop to t-bolt a 4 hole pattern into it. T-bolt? Where they put a conical head bolt with a p-tex cover over the bolt countersunk through the base, providing what looks like a factory insert from the top. This would allow you usage of any 4x4 bindings on the market.

A good shop will charge $5 a t-bolt X 8 holes= $40 and then highly suggest a wax at the least, a tune with base grind would be best, to make the t-bolts look factory.
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