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so we have a few (and alot more to come...) demo skis at the shop:

thus far:

192 DPS LOTUS 138 flex 2 with dukes and skins
196 moment m1 with alpines
196 moment comi-kazi swallowtail with alpines
186 moment comi with alpines
180 moment ruby with alpines
188 moment tahoe with alpines
193 and 183 movement gladiator w/ alpines
187 movement thunder w/ alpines
175 movement yaka w/ alpines
175 movement black rose w/ alpines
165 movement sista w/ alpines
180 movement baggy
184 movement goliath
195 pm gear super salmons w/ 916s
183 pm gear bros w/ 916's
174 pm gear bros w/ demos
164 pm gear bros w/ demos
169 bluehouse MR
179 bluehouse MR
187 bluehouse district

Please pm me for more details and to reserve your pair. the shop is located in lakewood, co right at c470 and morrison rd. basically 5 mins away from the dino lots @ morrison/I70

we will be charging $25/day or $35/weekend to cover the cost of demo bindings and keeping them tuned. and please don't wreck them.