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I have decided to get the Bridge this year based upon recommendations here, but I am getting conflicting advice on the size. Some say 169, some say 177.

Does the bridge ski short? I would have figured it would ski short due to the turned up tail. On the other side of the argument it comes in shorter sizes than the Volkl Mantra.

The last two pairs of western skis that I had were a Dynastar Inspired (178) and K2 Outlaw (174). I preferred the Inspired to the Outlaw. Even though it was supposed to be longer, it did not ski that way.

A little about me. 5' 8". 155 lbs. Good skier. Feel comfortable in almost all conditions. I try to find soft snow as much as possible, which means that I end up in the trees a lot when I go on my trips out west.

Thanks for any advice.