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Finalize My Two Ski Quiver

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Finally sold all the stuff I don't want or like anymore and ready to buy 2 new pairs of skis. One pair will definitely be Public Enemy's in a 179. All the positive comments convinced me! Besides, I do need a ski for deeper snow, trees and soft bumps that I do not feel sick over destroying when cover in the trees etc. is thin in spots.

I have narrowed down my narrower compliment to the PE's to three: IM78 skied them...loved them...but a little wide as a compliment to the PE's. Contact Limited (11) or Tigershark 10ft. with power switch.

My priorities in order are: 1. Hard Snow Grip...2. But very close in importance...ease in bumps...3. A little crud and soft snow when I do not bring the PE's.

If a few of you guys could mark each of these skis on a scale of 1-10 in each of the 3 categories, I could complete my purchases.

ME: 5'10"...205lb. Level 7 to 8. East coast!
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Hi Allen,

Two great skis, so this isn't easy. I used the Contact 11 (AKA Ltd.) as my primary ski last year. It's an all time great. Superb in Moguls and softer resort snow condition. Not perfectly happy in bulletproof ice however.

Dynastar: Ice "8", Moguls "9", Soft snow "9"

I've been on the Tigershark 12, but not the 10.

I think the Tigershark might be the better complement for East-coast skiing.

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Thanks Michael! Any other opinions?
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I want to challenge the fundamental assumption...rather than going with the PE as your fat ski and another ski as you narrow ski...go the other way. Make the PE your narrow ski and buy a ski in the 95-100mm waisted category for deep snow and crud. That PE turns so well ( I own a pair ) and is fine in small amounts of fresh snow...but go for a wider longer ski for deep snow in the east and trips out West...something like the Line P-100 or the Salomon Gun or K2 Seth.

Going down to a ski that is 78mm...is not much of a difference in ski width and performance....just my opinion as a recent convert to fat skis. I now consider 85mm skinny and 100 and up to be "fat".

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Its hard to go wrong.

I'm using the Fischer Progressor as my go-to hard-snow ski this year, I'm very happy with it. Better hard snow grip than the Dynastar or any other ski I've used. The Progressor is also as good, or better, in crud; but a little more demanding in moguls and deeper snow than the Dynastar.

I liked the Tigershark 12 and assume the 10 might actually be better.

I would demo before buying, it become a matter of feel and taste when selecting among the better skis today.

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Interesting point of view. My son would agree with you whole heartedly. Maybe I am a little too died in the wool old school. My only concern would be hard snow (read ice) performance from the PE's. I have come to enjoy standing on a wider platform but given the amount of icy conditions here it would take some convincing that the PE's could hold up...but I guess seeing that I am committed to buying them so as not to destroy other skis in the woods...there would be nothing like trying!
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Originally Posted by locknload View Post
Going down to a ski that is 78mm...is not much of a difference in ski width and performance....just my opinion as a recent convert to fat skis. I now consider 85mm skinny and 100 and up to be "fat".

Hi L&L,

Just a footnote, the Tigershark 10 is 73mm wide, the Contact is 72.

I actually agree that the "fat" ski could be fatter, but the PE is an economical ski with very good performance. It's nice to ski on a less expensive ski when bushwhacking in New England. My fat skis are always second hand for this reason.

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I am comfortable with the width of the PE's for most of the deeper snow I am likely to encounter and as Michael pointed out the price is right for the crappy conditions in the woods/ungroomed down here. Certainly not much opportunity to demo wider skis in the east so for the moment I will stick with my plan. Any other rankings on the TS 10 ft, Limited (11) and IM78 even though the IM78 seems kinda pointless with the PE.
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Good point Michael. I saw that he was very interested in the im78..but you correctly point out that the others are 72 or thereabouts. Definitely understand the considerations...particularly when viewing it through an east coast lens. The PEs are not the greatest on ice...but I have found they are fantastic on just about anything else they encounter...save for really deep POW (which isn't really in play in this discussion). Generally though...I find the value of a quiver to be having a fairly large range in width so that it delivers different performance to match mountain conditions. Definitely a touch call....I guess the beauty of this is that its fun to discuss and, in the end, each rider has to pick the perfect set of tools for their mission. Its a beautiful thing.
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I would not get a PE, I have a pair as a 1 ski quiver in case I travel, but there are better hard snow and soft snow skis. This is my soft snow ski though currently, rode very well in the 6 feet we just got in tahoe.

I would get a good all mountain carver, like 70-80 mm waist, the im 78 might be a very good bet if you want something a little softer for mumps and a little wider for shallow powder.

Then I would get something 90mm+ for the soft snow days.

I would not go too wide though. I am of the opinion that the average skier who can only ski when they can make it to the mountain has very little use for a super wide ski.

It is nice to be in the powder sometimes not just on top of it!
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level 8 skier, but only get 15 to 20 days a year in Utah or Colorado. Random chance of hitting a powder day. It does happen but its not very predictable. Also on any given day ski, even powder day, ski with family, friends etc so do both front and back side. Certainly can't bring more than 2 pair of skis with me.

best i have come up with based upon the many helpful comments and reviews from the ppl here

Dynastar 8000 as everyday ski (my ski for a couple of years)(if only one ski this would be it).
Watea 94 for soft days.

I have volkl t50 s but which are fun skis but often on the front side i am doing more relaxed skiing.
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Get some Atomic SX12s or Head supershape speeds. Use the PEs for bumps.
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Check out the Line Prophet 90. I think it is one of the best twins for East Coast conditions. It has good edge hold for a 90mm waist. You could go with this and the 78mm. They would cover a wider range of snow conditions.
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just get the hellcat and stop F'ing around.

seriously, check out the Hot Rod line from Nordica. my 84 waisted Jet Fuel is burly sidewall, wood/metal laminate and 20m radius. I use it for arcing with the GS team at my hill and I'm 1 full centimeter wider than them.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Get some Atomic SX12s or Head supershape speeds. Use the PEs for bumps.
Another thought is the Rossi Z9, I got a pair last season and love them! I agree with Ghost that you should use the PE's for bumps, they are not too wide for even the firmest of snow and straight enough to stick your line. If you're looking for another ski for harder conditions go with something that has a LOT of shape to it, "carving" skis make ice fun
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I have no doubts about the PE's being good in bumps...only how good they will be on really hard snow AND in combination with hard bumps. I guess it is looking like get the PE's...and just find out for myself how versatile they really are on the hard stuff. I can hang onto my AllStars for hard snow cruising...I just find them kinda difficult in hard bumps and was hoping to compliment the PE's with something smoother in bumps. But...if the PE's can really serve that purpose when conditions are hard and bumpy...I would save enough to look at something even wider down the line.
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