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global warming? .......sure!

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Saudi Arabia got a dump today. Until now there had never been any reported snow in that region. Report said that they had to rescue people by helicopter.

Wonder if anyone got to make tracks?
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Crawling leaves tracks...
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We have a number of people from that region of the world right here. And I've witnessed a few of them trying to learn to ski. Roto nailed it on the head.

No Dis to them, but as a culture, they don't understand the concept of hills or the concept of sliding around. Plus the culture generally doesn't promote a lot of physical activity. Put those situations together, and it gets ugly in a hurry.

This a definitely a generalization. I have met some very athletic people from the mid-east, but they seem to be more Americanized or Westernized.
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yuki, where did you find out about this, i would love to see a news article with pictures.
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It was on one of the NY radio stations this AM...... probably WABC.

Roto......... good one....... but you're one cruel "mike foxtrot"...<FONT size="1">

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We are all probably in for a wild ride - climate change doesn't simply mean warming. Yes the warming is the overall change - but it means wilder swings in weather overall. The Weather Channel should get more and more entertaining as every kind of wild weather becomes more and more prevelant!
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Snow dune skiing shweet.
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talk about a rough hike! Hike up a snow covered sand dune?! The surface that the snow is on gives out!
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Last Ice Age was Frickin' 10,000 years ago! I think we're over due for another!! Bring it, meat. I ain't ascared.

Do you think that whole snow/sand thing could spawn a Sear's line of insulated, waterproof Desertwear? Can you put tire chains on a Dromedary? Can you imagine one of those big FWD Snow Throwers knocking the crap out of a big sand dune? Awesome!

Yuki, I had him classified more as an "Alpha Hotel" for posting that.<FONT size="1">

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