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Head iSupershape Magnum/RFD 12 Bindings - HELP!

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The Head iSupershape Magnums arrived today with the RFD 12 Bindings. The skis have a plate which has pre-drilled holes. There's no way those bindings can be slid on or screwed on to that plate. What does one do: (1) Get the rail and mount that on the plate? (2) Remove the plate and put the rails on (after getting them - they not did come with the skis or bindings).

This is so frustrating!: I'm panting to get on these skis!

Any ideas? PLEASE?!:
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Only one thing to do I'm afraid, exchange the bindings for the right type. You'll want a FreeFlex 14 or 17, or failing that one of the Head/Tyrolia Demo bindings (SP120 or the like).
A railflex plate can't be mounted on the CP13 plate that the Magnum has, and removing the existing plate seems quite inadvisable, both from a performance and structural point of view.

Sorry I don't have better news.
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Thanks, CI - and I expected as much. Back to the drawing board!
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I'm just getting here, too, Oboe. CI is totally right. It's probably not very well explained on the site you used to get the skis, but all of Head's "racing skis" require the FreeFlex binding.

For whatever reason (perhaps the chip location gets in the way of the FF plate?), the Magnum Chip is not included in that category and you could use your RFD's on those.

Is there any chance at all that there's a Head dealer near you who could do a swap of your RFD's for a pair of FF's?
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My Ski School Director at Smugglers' Notch, Peter Ingvolstad, is the Head rep, and he helped me the last time they shipped RailFlex without the rail. My iM78 Monsters are now mounted with these bindings on the rail, so it worked out in the end - and this will, too. I'll turn the bindings over to him, and he'll work it out.

The problem is with the method that Head is using for proform - there IS no "proform". You get a code from the rep, you "apply" online, your application is "accepted" - and then you can buy. But there's no one to talk to for advice!

It's my own fault. If I'd consulted with you guys FIRST, I'd have ordered the Freeflex 14 the first time around.

It's my understanding that more manufacturers will be using 3point5 for proform purchases in the future. Caveat emptor! or, Get smart FIRST, and THEN place the order!

I'll report on the Magnums when I get a chance to use them. I liked the 170 cm that I demoed the day before ESA Stowe, but thought a shorter length would be better for me. There's plenty of beef there, so I'm sure these guys won't let me down in 163 cm that I've purchased.
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Oboe, I think you made the right choice for length. Let us know how the binding situation turns out.
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Free Flex binding is the best one to get. They even come in white/green to match the magnum if you want!

I'd advise patience and get the right binding. If your Ski School director is the rep he might know of a pair of RF bindings available locally you could use or even a SP130 or SP100 demo binding in the meantime. The good news is that on that plate you could mount a borrowed binding until yours arrive if necessary as there is no drilling involved. I think also the LD series may work - but Freeflex 11 or 14 would be best bet depending on the DIN setting you normally use.

Failing all that beg for a pair of demos while waiting for the proper binding. After all - your rep should have advised you on the proper binding for the ski and probably is more than willing to help ...

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Well, with your 3point5 training you learned where Howard Head first took ski lessons... and why he decided to try to build a better ski.

This helps also:

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Latest: I have the skis. My bindings were put into shipment back to Head today. Head is sending the Free Flex Plus 14. Head was very easy to deal with, no problem at all. I'll have the Free Flex early next week.

Now . . . Where DID Howard Head first take ski lessons?
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Didn't you do the 3point5 training?

He came to Stowe VT, where he struggled mightily and left, frustrated, figuring there had to be a way to make the sport easier. He returned home and put his aerospace engineering background to work developing a composite ski, the Head Standard.
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Thanks for that info. To what 3point5 training do you refer?
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Originally Posted by oboe View Post
Thanks for that info. To what 3point5 training do you refer?
And with that answer, Whiteroom and I both are wondering how you got your skis ordered from 3point5.

Didn't you have to pass a test?
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No. I had to apply and wait to be accepted. No test. I have them, but I an not a teste(e).
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Talked to Head on phone Friday. Today is Monday. The bindings are here! Amazing. They were very helpful and accomodating.

These are different - not as simple as mounting the Rail Flex. They go to the shop tomorrow with the skis.

This has been a very good experience with a manufacturer. A+ for Head USA.
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