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Keeps on coming at Vail/BC

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Haven't seen too many props for Vail/BC lately-PNW/Utah/SW have been killing it, but we have been quietly having a very good early season, if you throw out most of November.

So here goes:4 powder days in a row for me so far this week ((My legs are toast-but getting stronger) So glad I bought fat skis last season

December record snowfall carrying into Jan.Vail has been under reporting as well, since when does 9" of new translate to knee to thigh deep (yesterday) ? And 16" at BC the other day?

Another storm today-and tomorrow eve-yes indeed
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What are you talking about? It's been awful out here. All out of staters should go to Utah instead
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I was at Vail on the 12th of Dec with a reported 8" and it was much deeper almost everywhere and everything was open. A top 10 day for me and hands down my best day ever at Vail.

I'm back out that way on the 19th and watch the webcams daily. Looking forward to it and Colorado is looking very good right now.
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Is Lions Head still a construction area with fences and cranes or is it fixed?
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Originally Posted by steveturner View Post
Is Lions Head still a construction area with fences and cranes or is it fixed?
It's pretty much done...I walked through there yesterday looking for a replacement buckle for my Falcon's--Ski Tech did me up for 5$..thanx guys

The new buildings in LH are kinda of monstrosities...huge.
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more again

wish i had some photos from this morning-the pow was deep and of the cold smoke variety-knee to thigh deep in the BBs-plenty of face shots for all!
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