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Headed to Telluride in 10 days....

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...any tips folks?

Will be there for a week and my first trip...have heard great things about it. Any suggestions on terrain to ski (level 8 skier) or where to find the good stashes. I'd like to take a lesson at least 1 day...does anyone know any reputable instructors I should try and find. Any tips would be most appreciated.

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Dean Sheppard, if he is available.
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Recognizing that asking for directions to stashes is tantamount to asking to borrow someone's wife... you're on the right path trying to hook up with an instructor. He'll show you some of the more known stashes. If you have time, you should consider hitting Silverton for a day as long as you are in the area.
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Thanks Crystal and Que. Que...I know my request was risky.....but I figured someone can't say yes if you don't ask.....but thanks for letting me borrow your stash while I'm there. Someone else mentioned Silverton to me so I plan to check that out.

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Silverton is a big day trip from Telluride, but if you can get there, you definitely should.

Have a great time, I'll be there mid Feb.
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Silverton is certainly worth it, but in winter a pain to get to. You'll have to drive all the way back to Ridgeway, then head south through Ouray and over the pass into Silverton. It's probably around 2 hours to get there from Telluride, depending on road conditions.

But for whatever reason, Silverton always has much better snow than anywhere else (except maybe Wolf), and you are essentially guaranteed great snow, as much as you can handle.
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Telludie got 67" in the last week and 15" in the last 24hrs, it's going to be good! I'm going over this weekend. I've been skiing there for 30 years and the base right now is about as good as it gets. The skiing should be good everywhere on the mountain.

As for Silverton Mt., unguided skiing ends this weekend, so you would need reservations. As Gonzo pointed out, staying in T-ride and getting to Silverton in time for the 8:30 skiing can be a dicey proposition. You have to go over Red Mountain Pass, which just reopened after being closed for 3 days because of avalanches, some of which were 20 ft. deep over the road. It is without a doubt the most dangerous winter drive in the Rockies. I'm not trying to talk you out of it, I drive that road all the time, but you have to prepay for guided skiing at Silverton Mt. and there is no refund if you don't show up, so staying in Silverton the night before is highly recommended.
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TIPS: Don't rent a car. Don't wear fur. Don't follow tracks under ropes. Don't ask locals if you can "tag along." Don't act surprised by the high prices. Don't forget that the gondola closes at midnight. Don't turn your back to your girlfriend in bars here. Don't forget to have a good time.
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Fantastic advice. Leaving my wife at home...so hopefully she'll be safe from the pawing locals 1500 miles away. I was going to wear my mink 1-piece powder suit...now you have me second guessing that. Really am looking forward to it...one of the jewels in North America that I haven't managed to get to until now.
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Bottom line, have a great time!
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