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New Air Canada baggage policy

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You can read it here for yourself:

Scroll down a bit to get to the ski/snowboard specifics.

A few months ago, they took a position that all skis/boards would cost extra. Then they backed off to this pre-registration policy.

Basically, they want you to pre-register your oversize and excess pieces (ie skis and boot bag) when you book your flight. Of course, you need to know about this new policy in order to pre-register. You can call the call centre, but you must do it at least 24 hours prior to the flight. There is no confirmation on the Itinerary that the baggage has been pre-registered. Scary, huh?

And if you don't pre-register, there are some significant fees. Its $80 for the oversize baggage, and $125 for excess baggage. So you could get hit with >$200 in fees!

I'm heading to Whistler next week, and we'll see how things go. Does anyone know if there are airlines with similar pre-registration policies?
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Nope, that'd just be Air Canada (at least in Canada) doing that. Funny enough I just posted on another forum this morning about how AC "forgot" to put the baggage of 3/4 of the passengers onto the plane for a flight from Pearson to Vancouver a couple weeks ago.

I only fly Westjet now, they've never lost anything on me, every seat has a personal TV, cabin interiors are much newer and don't reak of the moldy remains of flights long past, and the staff is actually friendly and helpful.

edit: What's weak about AC's new policy is most people aren't going to find out about it until they're at the airport.
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Aeroplan rewards a little different

Note that if your ticket is a mileage reward you have to contact Aeroplan to do so rather than the normal customer call centre. I got to walk the aeroplan person through the process as she was reading aloud from the memo as she was working the computer screen. If there are problems at the airport when I fly out, I will try and use my exalted frequent flier status to smooth the way. The claim is that this will prevent some flights baggage space being filled by too many skis and boards (I blame the expanding CRJ fleet, not that I have any evidence but it always feels good to blame the CRJs).

I've only ever had Air Canada misplace my luggage once, however over Christmas we had six pieces go AWOL on a flight to Orlando on Northwestern. To add insult to injury, when my daughter flew back to Vancouver on her own Alaska/Horizon misplaced one of her two suitcases for the second time in a row.
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Any US airlines with with ski restrictions?

Or is it just a Canadian thing? (that's going to help a great deal to promote Canada as the up and coming skiing destination in N. America! )
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just make sure you carry on a tube of tooth past they think its plastic explosives!!
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Tangentially related --
I was reading a surfing magazine at the gym last night, and apparently British Airways has stopped carrying surfboards completely! They always charged a fee, now they just plain won't take them! According to the story, it caught some surfers who were away and couldn't get their stuff home.
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Originally Posted by at_nyc View Post
Any US airlines with with ski restrictions?

Or is it just a Canadian thing? (that's going to help a great deal to promote Canada as the up and coming skiing destination in N. America! )
It's an Air Canada thing. Remember their motto: We're not happy till you're not happy!
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reputable ski tour operators like SKICAN, Merit, Gendron and Ultimate pre-register your ski bags for you @ time of trip booking - which is handy
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Tangentially --

Air Canada has also apparently recently changed some of their policies on what kinds of strollers you can take on board, gate check, or send through as checked luggage. I've never flown Air Canada. I've just seen some uproar on a site for new parents, as some passengers unaware of the changes have had problems.
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Must be fun being a ticket agent for AC and have to deal with these new rules that no one will know or should be expected to know about. I have flight on AC that i booked as codeshare with United. Called United about policy and they had no idea. Went to AC website. You have to dig a bit to find. Called AC. They said yes that is policy unless traveling as codeshare. I will double check later as ticket agent at airport may have other ideas. I hope people raise a ruckus over this policy. I wouldn't think it would help attract more skiers to Canada.
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