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Bristolskier, that is correct.  I did that on my Impact 10s to make them a little more livable off-piste.  The boot is still pretty damn stiff even without those screws in place.


I did pull out the threaded inserts from the inside of the shell after removing the screws.  A couple of them were loose anyhow, and I didn't want them to fall into the boot or get out of place and cause damage to the liner.  The others were easily pried away from the shell with a flat screwdriver.  Keep them in a safe place with the screws in case you ever want to reverse the procedure.


I found some plastic hole plugs at the hardware store that fit the outer shell holes almost perfectly, and glued them in with a bit of caulk.  That should take care of moisture entry for the most part.

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Thanks skier219.  You say the boot is still pretty damn stiff even without the rivets.  Could I ask your height and weight?  The reason is that I understand this makes a real difference to how a boot's flex feels, so a lighter or shorter skier might need a softer boot.  FYI, I'm 5' 10" and 195lbs, so a little on the heavy side.

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