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What to do next?

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Hi All,

Firstly, sorry for the long post, thanks to anyone to can be bothered to read the whole thing, let alone post a reply!

I have real trouble with ski boots in general, I cannot remember the last day when I didn't have some sort of problem. Bit of background... I ski probably 2-3 weeks a year (money and work holiday permitting ) and have done so since a young age, so I'm a fairly competent skier, probably a level 7/8 or so. I'm almost exactly 6ft and 185lbs and am relatively fit and athletic. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and so wear an orthotic in almost all my footwear.

My last pair, although I didn't have much discomfort, were simply too big, a 29.5!!! My foot was all over the place. This was my fault, as I decided to go against advice, hoping size/space alone would simply resolve my pain and comfort problems. To some extent it did, although then I couldnt ski! LOL

So, after putting up with the large boots for a couple of years, I decided it was no good and went searching for a new pair last season. I live in the UK and I knew finding a decent boot fitter would be a real problem. However, since I didn't want to waste half my holiday getting boots fitted, I decided to take a risk. The first shop fitted me as a 28.5 and the 2nd a 27.5. Although the 27.5 felt very tight, the boot fitter seemed much more competent and he assured me that it would "pad out" and he could make adjustments etc, so I went with him. So I ended up with a pair of Head Edge 9's in 27.5. I skied a couple of times at the indoor slope near home and had a real aching pain around the outside of both feet. I have had this problem with every boot I ever owned, even the 29.5's, so I've come to the conclusion I have a very wide fore-foot! So the fitter stretched them (width wise) a little, but I still complained, with the same problem. So he then split the liner to allow my foot to expand, this was quite a bit better to be fair, but is this a normal thing to do with a liner? My main problem then was my toes felt very tight and I could hardly move them. I complained at this and he fitted a heel lift to bring my toes back (I was dubious, does this sound normal as well?).

My holiday then was a bit of a nightmare with regard the boots. My heel had (presumably) been lifted out of the heel pocket and was getting squashed, this resulted in a numbing sensation after about an hour of skiing and then pins and needles when I took the boot off. My toes felt cramped, especially my big toe. This also makes my big toe go numb and extremly cold. I took the heel lift out, which helped a little with my heel, but not much. And my toes were just as bad if not worse. I've just come back from another holiday this season with all the same problems.

I've stuck it until now, trying to wear the boot in, but I dont believe I should be having such bad problems during the break in period. I've worn the boots for about 12 days skiing and they are no better than day 1!!! How long (roughly) should the break in period be? I'm thinking 12 days with no improvement is not a good sign.

So my questions are:
1. Do the adjustments I've had to my boots sound normal? (ie the split liner and the heel lift)
2. I'm off to Breckenridge in Feb, so should I try and get the boots fitted better? Or should I give up and buy news ones again from a "proper" boot fitter this time!? Since I fear mine have been "played with" too much.

Thanks for any advice
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May I suggest making an appointment with Jeff Bergeron in Breckenridge. Don't give up on your current boots until you see Jeff or another skilled boot fitter. Jeff will give you sound advice and tell you whether your current boots should be replaced or tweaked to get you comfortable. Jeff's information is posted around here somewhere!

good luck!
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So he then split the liner to allow my foot to expand, this was quite a bit better to be fair, but is this a normal thing to do with a liner?
matt.hibb... When he split the liner, did the split run along the bottom of the liner or on the sides? If the liner was split on the bottom, the toe area of the liner would be "shortened" by the widening action of the liner material. Also, what is the width of your foot? How does the shell fit?
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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I think I'm going to try and get an appointment at Jeffs shop if I can.
Any tips here? Do I try and make an appointment with Jeff himself, or simply at the Boot Fixation shop, maybe ending up seeing another assistant?

- The liner was split along the sides. Does this sound like a normal thing to do?
- My foot measures (although I'm not exactly sure in my technique here) about 28cm by 10.5cm (at widest, just behind little toe). Given I currently have a 27.5 boot, I'm worried its too small, especially when I'm after a comfy fit 1st and foremost. Any thoughts?
- I looked at the fit of the shell and I'd say theres about 10mm (1 finger width) behind my heel with my toes touching the front. Again this seems to suggest a performance, rather than comfort fit to me.
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Anyone that works for Jeff will be very competent to resolve your problems. May I delicately point out that you deciding you have very wide feet doesn't mean they necessarily are. However there are very easy to use tools that can accurately measure width.

Matt it sounds as if part of the problem has been that you've been leading the solution instead of being able to find someone you can trust to decide for you. That is the job of a competent fitter. See Jeff and go home happy.

Oh and have a good holiday.

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Matt forget everything you've ever read about one and two finger fits. Proper fit for performance and comfort does not have to be more than one finger and if you are measured properly using the mondo system and then fit by the mondo size of the boot it probably won't be.

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