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Relatively New Change?

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I know, I have not been online in a while, but I noticed that the teaching are ahas been replaced by the ask a pro section. Do I need to be a donating member again to contribute here? I had to leave Steamboat because of money, and and now back east. I was hoping that I would be able to contribute with giving more money that I still owe others (I have way too much debt, my own fault, I just wish I wasn't so dumb in my earlier years).

Please let me know since that was a thread that I really wanted to respond to about jumping and rails etc (this is what I helped pushed through PSIA Eastern afterall).

Let me know what I have to do,
Chris McManus
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There are three forums for instructional purposes.
One is coaching and instruction,
One is Ask a Pro where only the OP and the contributing pros can post.
(I'll nudge the admin who knows more about this)
The last of the three is about methodology, techniques and 'stuff'.
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Responses to Ask A Pro questions are from invited pros. Anyone can ask a question. The other two instructional sections are open to comments by anyone.
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