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Boot pain around acilles scarring

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I tore an achilles a couple of years ago and ended up with a lot of scar tissue. Maybe 3 inches up from the bottom of my foot. My boot liner rubs on the scar tissue and it's a pain. I went up for a day recently and ended up with a bunch of blisters on and around the scarring (I didn't buckle my boots while helping my newbie 10 year old nephew learn how to ski). I thought by not buckling the boot I wouldn't feel the constant pain of buckling the boot.

A boot fitter I spoke to today is telling me that punching out the liner may make it so that my heel will move around, thus creating the same problem I encountered by not buckling the boot. The only idea she came up with, is to make the area tighter so that I won't have any movement. She wasn't getting that before I ended up with the blisters, I had a problem with the liner rubbing on the scar tissue and just creating a hot spot. I didn't blister two previous times I went up.

If I use mole hair over the scarring do you think that will help alleviate some of the rubbing/pain while the boot is buckled? She also didn't think a new liner would help (boots aren't that old, maybe 4 seasons and not used much the last two years). How much would my heel move around if the liner is punched out around the scarring?

Thanks in advance
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I just worked with a customer today with the same injury and enlarged achilles tendon. We made him an Intuition custom liner as he had some bunion issues too, and I felt the Intuition with some pre-padding would solve his problems. He was quite pleased with the results in the shop and hope to hear from him as to the skiing results soon.

Another option is to strategically remove some of the stock foam padding in the pressure area.

Mole skin will help with any rubbing you may have! Shave the area first and you can leave the moleskin on for two or three days usually before it begins to peal off.
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Thanks for the response. I asked about pulling some of the liner out from around the scarring and that's why the lady mentioned it would cause heel lift. I'll have to try someone else or head your way.

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lowphat...I would also recommend reducing the achilles padding in the liner. (just like Bud mentioned) This can be accomplished in one of two ways.

1) Make a cut in the liner just forward of the padded achilles area and remove the excess padding. Cover cut area with thin tape (ie... duct or gaffers tape)

2) (Sewing equipment needed) Get to padding through the bottom seam where felt insole meets liner "body" Remove excess padding from achilles area.
Re sew and re glue liner. Much stronger and you'll never have to worry about the tape coming off or catching the cut area on the shell when installing the liner.

Just my $.02
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You guys have given me some new hope. Thanks!
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You don't mention what boot you are skiing but many have a substantial tapering or narrowing of the shell around the achilles area. This is easy to grind away and if you are in the correct size shell won't result in any lift.

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Boot's are Technica Icon DP's. Maybe 3 years old...
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I had a guy at Helm in San Jose try and build some padding up around the scaring (across the top and on both sides, like an upside down U). I could feel that there wasn't as much pressure on the scaring, but I tried it out yesterday and it wasn't fun. I felt that I had to buckle the boot a little tighter so it wouldn't let my heel float. The padding across the top made my foot/leg scream. My achillies felt like it was stuck to the boot when it was time to get it off. There's no way i could ski 2 days in a row.

I either yank the padding off of the top and try it with only the padding on the sides, or maybe try padding under the scaring instead of the top (like a U), or custom injected liners...

I'm supposed to do a multiple day trip at Heavenly with friends. If I go the liner route, I know Footwerks is in Truckee. Anyone on the So. Shore or do I go up a day ahead and head for Truckee?

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