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Bears? Chipmunks?

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Yes, I really am new enough to ask.

What do those names mean?
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I remember a thread awhile back that indicated that the original name was "Barking Beavers"...... but that was not PC.

Elders.... confirm or deny?
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Well, I'm certainly no 'elder', but here is the link:

And AC's answer, in case there is a problem with the link:
Well, there is some history to that, as some of the long-time members will tell you. The original idea was to create sort of a post-ski pub environment in which people could hang-out and chat -- sharing stories. So I wanted sort of an English pub sounding name -- along the lines of some actual pubs like "The Mangy Moose" or "The Drunken Dragon".
It being a ski-forum, I wanted an animal that lived in the mountains as well as an adjective that suggested expressing oneself verbally. So, logicaly I named the forum "The Barking Beaver Forum". I also liked the industrious reputation of the beaver as we were setting out to build a community

Well, you would not believe the imaginations that some people have . In fact, one member told the story of how he got in trouble at work when his boss saw him reading the Barking Beaver Forums in the office. Eventually, it occurred to me that perhaps a more inviting name would make a larger group of people feel more welcome, so when the site was completely revamped and the new forum software installed, the name was changed to "The Barking Bear Forum".

...and now you know the rest of the story.
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There is more to the story, so, let's bump this too.

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It has been said that some are just hunting squirrel
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