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Make: Fischer
Model: RC4 WC SL
Year: 2007
Length: 165cm

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160lbs
Ability: Racer/9
Other skis owned: Nordica GSR, Nordica SLR, Stockli DP, Fischer RC4 WC SL, Fischer RC4 WC GS, Fischer RC4 WC SG

Conditions: 28 - 32 degree temps, fresh man-made sprinkled with small death cookies, bumps, packed powder, crud, 40+ degree temps, ice, etc.


These skis are my all purpose skis for when I am just out for a day of skiing and could land anywhere on the mountain. I ski them anywhere and everywhere. At ESA Stowe I skied them everywhere from green groomers, to black groomers, to bump runs, to crud, and glare ice. My usual ski for this is my Nordica Dobermann SLRs, but since I am skiing on mostly Fischers these days I opted to grab last years SL to have some continuity in my quiver (also so I was used to skiing on Fischer skis and spent most of my time on them).

I have been impressed by these skis so far. They are not as hooky as I remember Fischers being, and seem to be pretty damp and capable of handling all mountain skiing, which is rare for some race stock slaloms. They are still not up to par with the Nordica SLR for all mountain skiing, but they aren't awful. They really shine on groomers in short turns (obviously), but are not stable in long turns at all (pretty much forget about making long turns). They do have very good edge hold and great rebound as would be expected. They are not as lively as I remember Fischers from the past, but they are still more lively than nearly every slalom I have been on recently.

Anyhow, 2007 model skis may not be of interest anymore, but I figured I'd review it anyway just so it was out there.