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Elan Military Skis?

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Stumbled upon some white 200cm Elan "Military" Skis the other day. Heavy suckers with a rondonee skin hole in the tips.

Solid white topsheets with blue Elan block script around boot center/binding area. Dark blue bases.

Might buy 'em for shizzles-n-gizzles if they're still at the shop later in the week (they were only $75).

Not sure if 200cm qualifies for Long Board Day, though...
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So, you want s + gs, do yer?

Got a spare set of bindings? I've some 210cm Miller Softs that could theoretically show up at Bushwhack's house in time for Utah Gathering...
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No stop! don't buy those skis.

Send the $75 dollars to me instead and I'll happily send you videos of me shredding/burning/soaking-in-my-septic-tank your hard earned money.

I promise you, it will be a much more entertaining way to WASTE your money.
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$75 is chump change for some stealth James Bond looking skis, me thinks.
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Buy them then put them on Ebay as 007 skis.
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
Buy them then put them on Ebay as 007 skis.
With a BIN of $22
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Ummm I've actually skied on those in AK. So much for 007.
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