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03 X wave 9 vs Falcon 10

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I currently am using a Salomon X Wave 9 with Surefoot footbeds and Surefoot conformable liners. They have been good boots, but nowhere as good as my old blown out Technica Explosion8's were. I made a mistake and tried on a new Salomon Falcon 10 yesterday and have never felt such comfort and full foot wrap and contact in a boot. I was not at a "bootfitter", just a shop who carries boots and I was just shopping a bit. Now I am thinking I need a pair of these boots, but am hesitant to buy from a place that doesn't really "do" boots. The owner made me a price I almost can't refuse, but I want to be sure I am not making a mistake. Is the Falcon the same basic shape and design as the Xwave as far as foot type, and is the flex stiff enough? It actually felt a bit softer than my current boots, but the flex was oh so smooth and consistent, where my Xwave's seem to be fairly stiff, but almost shut off at a point. Also, I did not realize just how big and bulky my current Xwaves were until I tries the Falcon side by side. Is there as big a difference between these 2 boots as I sense, or is it just the "new" feeling of a boot vs a boot that has been ridden hard for 5 years? Thanks for the help! By the way, I am 6-0, 200lbs, ski fast and hard off piste, no park tricks but some jumps. I'll say I'm an 8.5, not a 9, so no one gets bent about my self categorizing. I ski Squaw mostly, but do a few trips each year to wherever the urge takes me. Sorry for the loooong post.
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The Falcon 10 is a great skiing boot which is lower volume than the X Wave series which has be replaced by the "Impact" series. As I have been told, the Impact has the same lower as the X Wave with the upper cuff of the Falcon.

Be warned: buying a boot for price alone could end up costing you alot more than purchasing one from a reputable shop with a good boot fitter who will provide a guaranteed fit with initial sizing, and fitting as well as free follow up adjustments. Buying from a big box chain is a mistake that many people make then regret later after having to buy another boot more appropriate for their needs and foot size and shape from a reputable boot fitter. The choice is yours, but then it is a gambling town!

If you would like to buy a boot from me with out any advice or after sale support, I would be happy to match the confirmed price offered by the big box to which you are referring.
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I appreciate the info, Bud. It is actually a local small Bay Area shop who I have bought all my skis from for the last 15 years or so, not a big box store. As you can probably tell, I used Surefoot last time around and was happy. I was wondering if the Falcon and X wave were similar, and you were very specific about that, thankyou. I know a bit about what will fit my foot, but it always helps to ask around a bit as well.
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the falcon is much lower volume than the X wave, that said the foam liner you have in the x wave will fill a lot of voids and could cover up shell selection issues...so the falcon may well be right, but without seeing your foot it is impossible to say
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Follow up. I was given the boots for the weekend, shop owner said if I don't like them, give him $50 when I get home and he'll sell the boots used or make them a demo. How can you loose with that deal. I brought them home and put my footbeds in, wow are they comfy. Not a single hot spot and my entire foot feels like it is shrink wraped in this boot. Totaly wrapped up snug. My only concern is after 45 minutes to an hour my feet seem to get tingly, not sore at all but tingly. I figure after skiing and packing them out a bit, this will go away. Bt far the best off the shelf fit I've ever had, I just hope they perform well also and aren't too soft for me.
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I don't think you will be disappointed!
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